Winter Diesel Fuels

Winter Diesel Fuels

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Magellan’s maximum winter specifications for all diesel fuel (No. 1 ULSD and No. 2 ULSD products) entering the pipeline or terminals are listed below.

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C C o o l l d d W W e e a a \f \f \b \b e e r r D D i i e e s s e e l l F F u u e e l l C C h h a a r r a a c c t t e e r r i i s s t t i i c c s s Imp rove your cold we ather per\borma\f ce Th e inf orma tio n co ntained herein concerns qual � itie s, pe rfor manc e characteristics, results and be nefits of addi tive p urcha sed from the manu facturers of that ad ditive by Magellan Õs ap� plicab le af filiat e pr ovidin g ter mina lling services (? Ma g\fllan ?). That information comes from the manu facturers of the additiv e and is provided in thi s add itive informa tion m emo for t he b enefit an d conven ience of Ma gell anÕs terminalling cus� tomers. Such additiv e is, for ease of description, refer red to herein a s ? Ma g\fllanÕ s CFI additiv\f ? and\bor ?Mag\fllanÕ s \b1 additiv\f p ackag\f.? \fin ter Die sel F ue ls All dies el fue ls cont ain w ax, which c an ca use major prob lems in col d weather . At l ow tem � peratur es, wax can solidify into crystal s and clo g a fuel sys tem, leav ing th e vehic le and driver stra nded. The temp era� ture at which wax cryst al s f orm is called the cloud point. In b iodiesel b lends t his can be compounded. The amount of wax ? and subsequent ly the clo ud p oint tem pera ture ? in a full ta nk of d ie se l c an vary greatly wit hin th e s am e sp ec� ification fuel. If biodiesel is a com ponent of yo ur f uel b le nd

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