Windows PowerShell Web Access Management Infrastructure Server

Windows PowerShell Web Access Management Infrastructure Server

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Windows PowerShell Web Access Server Manager Log File Locations Install-PswaWebApplication (requires elevation) Quick configuration of the PSWA application and

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Windows PowerShell Web Access Install -PswaWebApplication (requires elevation) Quick configuration of the PSWA application and application pool. The cmdlet installs the web application, pswa (and an application pool for it, pswa_pool ), in the Default Web Site container that is displayed in IIS Manager. For a test environment only, add the UseTest Certificate parameter, which applies a self -signed test certificate to the website. Do not use a test certificate in any environment that should be secure. Add -PswaAuthorizationRule Adds a new authorization rule to the Windows PowerShell Web Access authorization rule set. Authorizes specified users or user groups access to specified session configurations on specified computers. Until authorization rules have been added, no users can access anything by using the web -based Windows PowerShell console. Remove -PswaAuthorizationRule Removes a specified authorization rule from Windows PowerShell Web Access. Get -PswaAuthorizationRule Returns a set of Windows PowerShell Web Access authorization rules. When it is used without parameters, the cmdlet returns all rules. Test -PswaAuthorizationRule Evaluates authorization rules to determine if a specific user, computer, or session configuration access request is authorized. By default, if no parameters are added, the cmdlet evaluates all authorization rules. By adding parameters, you can specify an authorization rule or a subset of rules to test. New for Windows Server 2012, Windows PowerShell Web Access lets you configure Web Server (IIS) as a gateway, providing a web -based Windows PowerShell console targeted at a remote computer . For more information, see Deploy Windows PowerShell Web Access ( Shortcut in PS.exe Shortcut in PSWA Ctrl+C to cancel Ctrl+Q or Cancel button F5 Use the History scroll buttons Alt+Space , c or Exit Click Sign Out or type Exit In the web -based Windows PowerShell console, some function keys are different than those in PowerShell.exe, and some function keys are not supported in the web -based console. For

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