Windows 7 Search Cheat Sheet

Windows 7 Search Cheat Sheet

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Windows 7 Search Cheat Sheet Indexing Options Search Filters Filter: Explanation: Natural Language Search Manage indexing options (add, remove search locations and

Windows 7 Search Cheat Sheet free download

Windows 7 Search Cheat Sheet Indexing Options Search Filters Filter:Explanation: Natural Language Search Manage indexing options (add, remove search locations and file extensio\ ns): To add/remove/edit search locations: Start> Control Panel > Index ing Options >Modify ; To add/remove file extensions: Start> Control Panel > Indexing Options >Advanced>File Types AND Finds files that contain one word and another Ex: cat AND mouse NOT Find files that contain one word, but not the other Ex: cat NOT mouse OR Find files that contain either of the words Ex: cat OR mouse Quotes Find files that contain the exact phrase Ex: “cat mouse” > Find files that are more than or later than a certain value Ex: date: >01/05/12 < Find files that are less than or earlier than a certain value Ex: size: <100MB * Find all files with a certain extension Ex: *docx Exclude items Ex: linkin park jayz (space before the excluded item is important) store: Limit search to a specific folder location or data store Ex: store:dropbox, store:outlook kind: Limit search to a specific type Ex: kind:docs, kind:email, kind:video name: Find a file by its name Ex: name:”Makeuseof” date: Search items based on dates Ex: date:today, date:past year datemodified: Search for file based on the modified date Ex: datemodified:01/05/2012 datetaken: Searches for photos captured on a particular date: Ex: datetaken: 01/05/2012 datecreated: Searches for a file created on a particular date Ex: datecreated: 01/05/2012 deleted: Search for deleted files in Recycle bin Ex: deleted:imagejpg ext: Search for files of a specific extension Ex: ext:jpg, ext:mp3, ext:pdf authors: Find files based on the username of the person who created it Ex: Authors:john artist: Find songs by artist Ex: artist:JayZ genre: Find songs by genre Ex: Genre:rap album: Find a particular album Ex: album:”Blueprint” year: Find songs by release year Ex: year:2012 track: Find song by its track number Ex: track:12 orientation: Find an image by its visual orientation Ex: orientation:portrait height: Filter images by height Ex: Height:1024 width: Filter images by width Ex: Width:800 size: Search for a file of a specific size or range of size Ex: Size:=1mb16mb, size:medium Note: you can use multiple filters at the same time You can use Natural Language Search to perform searches in a simpler, userfriendly way, without using special operators Example: email last week from John To turn on natural language search: Start> Control Panel> Appearance and Personalization>Folder Options> Search tab Select the Use natural language search check box Designed by TrueKolornet Do you like this Cheat Sheet? Then why not visit MakeUseOfcom for daily posts on cool websites, free soft ware and Internet tips If you want more great Cheat Sheets and MakeUseOf Guides, join using the link below http://wwwmakeuseofcom/pages/ Download 50+ MakeUseOf Guides on a wide range of subjects More than a m\ illion down loads so far All free Enjoy and share! Get printable cheat sheets and shortcuts for your favorite programs and \ sites These cheat sheets will make you more productive! Over 50 Free Downloadable PDF

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