Wildlife Rehabilitation in Texas Brochure

Wildlife Rehabilitation in Texas Brochure

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treat wildlife in their facilities for longer periods of time. Will I receive financial assistance to help with my rehabilitation expenses?

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© 2001 Texas Parks and Wildlife PWD BR W7000694 (4/01) In accordance with Texas Depository Law, this publication is available at the Texas State Publications Clearinghouse and/or Texas Depository Libraries 4200 Smith School Road Austin, Texas 78744 18007921112 wwwtpwdstatetxus Wildlife Rehabilitation Texas Parks and Wildlife receives a large number of inquiries each day from people wanting to become involved with rehabilitating wildlife It is our hope that this brochure will answer some of our most frequently asked questions How can I gain experience with wildlife? Caring for injured, sick or orphaned wildlife is an incredibly time consuming job If you have not yet participated in handson rehabilitation work, you may wish to volunteer with a licensed rehabilitator in your area By doing so, you will gain valuable experience with wildlife while providing an equally valuable service to the rehabilitator The experience may help you to decide whether or not you wish to become involved in wildlife rehabilitation on your own For a list of Texas wildlife rehabilitators (organized by county), please visit: ht tp://wwwtpwdstatetxus/ nature/research/rehab/indexhtm Various wildlife rehabilitation organizations offer training courses to educate prospective rehabilitators in both emergency and longterm wildlife care For more information on classes that are being offered throughout the year, you should contact a local or national rehabili tation group You can learn more about the NWRA (National Wildlife Rehabilitator?s Associ ation) online at wwwnwrawildlifeorg , or by calling (320) 2594086 The IWRC (International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council) can be reached online at wwwiwrconlineorg , or by calling (707) 8641761 What does the department need besides my application? In addition to a completed application and two verifiable letters of recommendation, the department requires evidence that the appli cant has a basic knowledge of wildlife rehabili tation No wildlife rehabilitation permit will be issued without one of the following four items: 1 A certificate of completion from a training course offered by the IWRC or the NWRA within the past three years 2 Proof of attendance at a department sponsored wildlife rehabilitation confer ence or a national wildlife rehabilitation conference within the past three years 3 Proof of membership in a state or national wildlife rehabilitation organiza tion, such as IWRC or NWRA 4 A score of 80% or better on a departmentadministered wildlife rehabilitation examination TEXAS PARKS AND WILDLIFE Wildlife Rehabilitation Wildlife Rehabilitation licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board? (Except for educators, transport by these individuals is restricted to within a 10mile radius or within 10 miles of the city limits where the animal was originally captured) For more information on the rabies quarantine, please contact the Texas Department of Health office in your region or the Zoonosis Control Division of the Texas Department of Health at (512) 4587255 Does my veterinarian need to be licensed to help me treat wildlife? All medical treatment provided to wildlife is to be done in consultation with a veterinarian However, a vet is not required to hold a state wildlife rehabilitation permit to hold, possess or transport protected wildlife to provide emergency medical care or stabilization care for periods up to 48 hours Many veteri narians in the state of Texas hold wildlife reha bilitation permits This allows them to hold and treat wildlife in their facilities for longer periods of time Will I receive financial assistance to help with my rehabilitation expenses? Unfortunately, the department cannot provide funding or compensation to wildlife rehabilita tors at this time Most wildlife rehabilitators pay for their supplies entirely out of their own pockets However, an increasing number of local rehabilitators? organizations are providing grants and other donations to their members to help offset the cost of a number of needs, including food, medical supplies, treatment and caging For further information, contact a wildlife rehabilitation group in your area How much does a State Wildlife Rehabilitation permit cost? There is no fee associated with the issuance or renewal of a state wildlife rehabilitation permit What types of wildlife should I include on my application? Rehabilitators are authorized to care for differ ent types of wildlife based on their knowledge and experience as well as the

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