Who was James A. Fenwick?

Who was James A. Fenwick?

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p.m. $8/carload. Celebrate all things blueberry at this old- fashioned festival. Great family fun – blueberry picking, historical presentations and tours, 

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Who Was James A Fenwick? For those primarily familiar with the 20 th Century history of Whitesbog, Fenwick is recognized as the founder of the line, but to most, his life story is still largely unknown by Linda Reno Southern Maryland Historian The place we know as Whitesbog can trace its history back five generations to the person of James A Fenwick Fenwick was by all accounts the first person to successfully cultivate cranberries in southern New Jersey Nonetheless, even to those fa miliar with the twentieth century history of Whitesbog, Fenwick is merely a name; a one dimensional character in Whitesbog’s tale Utilizing newly acquired information, we can begin to round out our picture of James Fenwick In the coming year we will offer several articles that give a better picture of Fenwick, the man The first of these is reprinted (with permission) from the June 4, 2009 edition of The County Times Newspaper of St Mary’s County, Md and ran originally in the column “A Journey Through Time – The TIMES Chronicle” t Col Athanasius Fenwick, the only child of Capt James Fenwick and Catherine Ford, was born in St Mary’s County, Md in 1780 The family was wealthy, prominent and had good political connections Athanasius was sent to Europe to be educated Upon his return, he studied law, but it appears that he was more interested in agriculture, writing, and lecturing on such things as the effects of' saltwater "which prevent the operation of plaster of Paris on soil” To Correspondents The Address of Col Athanasius Fenwick to the Agricultural Society of' St Mary’s County, communicated by said society for publication in the “American Farmer”, will receive early and respectful attention, as it highly, deserves We should have inserted it in this number, but that we wished to conclude the publication of the learned, philosophical, and, as it relates to the latter part of it, we may say, practical Address of Mr Madison (American Farmer, September 3, 1819) On October 30, 1817, at the age of 37, Athanasius married Susanna “Susan” Howell in Philadelphia and brought her to his home “Cherry Fields” in St Mary's County The following year their first child, James Athanasius Fenwick (called Thane) was born ( ed: This is the James A Fenwick whom we recognize as the start of the Whitesbog line ) The couple then had two daughters, Margaretta (born 1820) a nd Susanna Emeline (born 1822) On August 7, 1824, Susan (Howell) Fenwick died in Philadelphia Why she was in Philadelphia and why she died we will probably never know It certainly begs the question as to the cause of death of Athanasius Fenwick in St Mary’s County just less than two months later on September 29 The children, now aged 7, 4, and 2, were placed under the guardianship of (their uncle ) Benjamin Jones 1 (husband of Susan’s sister, Mary Howell) of Philadelphia where they went to live Walter Moore Jones, son of this Benjamin Jones lived in St Mary’s County at least from (continued on page 2) L (continued from page 1) April 1, 1818, when he married Ann Maria Catherine Holton, daughter of William and Mary Holton of “Mulberry Fields”, until his death in 1823 About 1843, shortly before his

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