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25.1 WHAT MOOD IS The mood of a verb or verb phrase indicates your attitude toward a state-ment as you make it. Do you think of it as a statement of fact?

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25.1 WHAT MOOD IS The moodof a verb or verb phrase indicates your attitude toward a state- ment as you make it. Do you think of it as a statement of fact? Then you will use the indicativemood. Do you think of it as a command? Then you will use the imperative.Do you think of it as a wish, a recommendation, or an imaginary condition? Then you will use the subjunctive. 25.2 USING THE INDICATIVE The indicativemood is for statements of actuality or strong probability: The spine-tailed swift fliesfaster than any other bird in the world. The Missouri and Mississippi Rivers roseto record heights in 1993. Midwesterners will rememberthe flooding for many years to come. Use do, does,or didwith the indicative for emphasis. 25.3 USING THE IMPERATIVE The imperativemood is for commands and requests made directly. 1. Use the bare form of the verb for commands addressed entirely to others: Votefor change. Fightpollution. 25 395 Verbs: Mood Beyourself. Kindly sendme your latest catalog. 2. When a command or suggestion includes yourself as well as others, use let usor let?sbefore the bare form of the verb: Let us negotiateour differences in a spirit of mutual trust and respect. Let?s cooperate. 25.4 USING THE SUBJUNCTIVE: MODAL AUXILIARIES The subjunctivemood is for statements of hypothetical conditions or of wishes, recommendations, requirements, or suggestions. To express the subjunctive, you often need one of the modal auxiliaries, which include can, could, may, might, must, ought, should,and would.Use them as follows: 1. USECANTO EXPRESS CAPABILITY :Canthe Israelis and the Palestinians ever make peace? PERMISSION :Why can?tfirst-year college students live off campus? In formal writing, permission is normally signified by mayrather than can, which is reserved for capability. But canmay be used informally to express permission and is actually better than mayin requests for permission in- volving the negative. The only alternative to can?tin such questions is the awkward term mayn?t. 2. USECOULDTO EXPRESS THE OBJECT OF A WISH :I wish I couldclimb Mount Everest. A CONDITION :If all countries of the world couldset aside their antago- nism once every four years, the Olympics would be

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