What Angry Birds Can Teach Us about Event Design

What Angry Birds Can Teach Us about Event Design

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Angry Birds, like any good game, be-comes incrementally harder the more play Angry Birds quietly in the back of the room). Yet interesting meetings

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BY A N D R E A D R I ESSE N What Angry Birds Can Teach Us a\fout E\bent Design More than 250 million people have downloaded the \fame Angry Birds. In a world of time\bstarved business peo\b ple, a vast chunk of us find time for an admittedly silly \fame, a pastime that has us fully en\fa\fed and focused for hours at a time. What’s \foin\f on? What makes this di\fital interface so compellin\f \famers can’t stop interactin\f with it? Wouldn’t you like just some of those folks to read your emails and offer some of that en\fa\fement and ener\fy at your meeti\wn\fs? Let’s see what Angry Birds teach\b es us about desi\fnin\f more captivat\b in\f meetin\fs filled with more focused meetin\f attendees. Th E Po WEr of S Tory Knowin\f why the birds are an\fry (the pi\fs stole the birds’ e\f\fs) \fives the \fame some context and an added layer of fun. The same holds true for a well\bde\b si\fned meetin\f, which tells a unified, compellin\f story with a captivatin\f arc and interestin\f characters, dialo\fue and plot. What story does your meetin\f tell? Does it have a clear and compellin\f be\fin\b nin\f, plot twists that create positive sur \b prise and

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