WebServices - Axis

WebServices - Axis

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• DISCO on Axis root added. • Target bad ID • Transport Sender WebServices We have either a SAX event source or a pull parser underneath something that

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WebServices Axis 1 WebServices Axis Notes from Axis FacetoFace Meeting at Allaire, Newton, MA Date: 28 Feb 2001 Attendees: • Glen Daniels, Allaire Host • Doug Davis, IBM Raleigh • Steve Graham, IBM Raleigh • Jim Stearns, HP Redmond • Jacek Kopecky, Idoox, Prague • Waqar Sadiq, Vitria • James Snell, IBM Fresno (by phone) • Stuart Williams, HP Bristol Glen expressed some frustration at the lack of good tools that Apache provides for project management The mailing list archives kind of bite, etc SourceForge seems to have good tools for scheduling / task management / collaboration ACTION ITEM : Glen will email Sam and ask about the possibility of "colocating" the project with SourceForge? Investigating other tools and solutions? Waquar Sadiq from Vitria, a new member of the team, volunteered to be Project Manager for Axis! (applause applause) Steve presented a short Powerpoint presentation to frame the meeting Axis 10 will be a serious product As such, it will have: • productlevel code • productlevel testing • productlevel doc + examples • productlevel performance Goals for the 10 release: • Full SOAP 11 implementation • Interoperability testing/discussions to answer ambiguities • Intermediary implementation must be in 10 release • Relative priority (Glen) • Full implementation of 11 • Customer requirements Page 1 Copyright © 20002005 The Apache Software Foundation All rights reserved • Where xmlp is headed (Glen, Waqar, Jacek are all on XML Protocol group) • Fast (need to do the streaming parsing) • Pluggable Support for requestor/provider/intermediary (oneway, initiated by either side); client notification Support for request/response and the other 3 transmission primitives from WSDL Glen : Don't think we should make the axisuser list until 09 or beta 10 Issue : Migrating from Apache SOAP to Axis should be easy, but how easy? Waqar: We should be tracking ebXML as well as XMLP Testing/Processrelated discussion • coding standards • testcase centric development • regression test cases • scenariocentric design/architecture • Unit tests are good, but not sufficient • Is JUnit too oriented towards "white box" unit testing? Jim says they're using it as a framework at HP for both unit and functional • Three types of testing unit, functional integration, interop • conformance testing; maybe use the userland validator? leverage external efforts? Microsoft "bakeoff"? • interop testing with big players (NET) is crucial! • Requiring some level of testing implementation from commmitters is key The question is how to best codify this in a strong but not draconian way The plan for the rest of today: • Walk through requirements doc • Generate scenarios • walk through scenarios, updating requirements Requirements discussion • lose 11 and 111: architecture is settling not overdoing use of handlers • serverinitiated solicit/response (in WSDL spec) • 4 options (synch/asynch, clientinitiated vs serverinitiated) • requestor/provider • Facets (Steve): • Who initiates (server or client) • 1way/2way • asynch/synch • (1way synch makes no sense, so 7 options) • 2way asynch? WebServices Axis Page 2 Copyright © 20002005 The Apache Software Foundation All rights reserved • Glen: what is underlying protocol doesn't support synchronous (such as smtp)? • Waqar: what about async request expecting ack, vs one not expecting one? • Is this (a)synchronous at the API level, or the transport level? • Call this topic "message exchange patterns" • "Synchronous" == blocking • everything is initiated by a client of the axis engine, which can be on requestor, intermediary, or provider • Q: in a oneway WSDL message, can you specify a fault? James: yes, but spec doesn't say what to do with the fault Stuart: thinks treatment of fault is above the message layer • WSDL 11 oneway only has input, but doesn't have output or fault (Steve brought up) • Stuart: Service in wsdl is more like operation • What can we dispatch by? • Dispatch by transport URL • Dispatch by HTTP SOAPAction • Dispatch by QName of first body entry • Dispatch, using custom handler, by any information available) • How many RPC's per message, and where • Axis will NOT support a RPC invocation specified in a header • Axis will support only one RPC invocation

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