WAY COOL MATH - Thinking Mathematics!

WAY COOL MATH - Thinking Mathematics!

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WAY COOL MATH CURIOUS MATHEMATICS FOR FUN AND JOY run through a proof of why the observation works. (And then explain – slowly - how to use it!)

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WAY COOL MATH CURIOUS MATHEMATICS FOR FUN AND JOY The second of a new Math Letter series! MAY 2012 Welcome to the second Cool Math Letter from the nation’s capital. Lots of fun for students, mathematicians, teachers, and general math enthusiasts. (How many sets of people is that?) PROMOTIONAL CORNER: Have you an event, a workshop, a website, some materials you would like to share with the world? Let me know! If the work is about deep and joyous and real mathematical doing, I would be delighted to mention it here. SUMMER INSTITUTE: The Boston Math Circle, www.themathcircle.org , holds its 5th annual Math Circle Teacher Training Institute July 8–14 on the Notre Dame campus in South Bend, Indiana. Innovative, refreshing, eye-opening and spectacular! Applications welcome. MATHPICKLE: Check out Gordon Hamilton’s truly fabulous www.mathpickle.com . Curricular puzzle books, wonderful videos, and million dollar questions each worth – you guessed it – a million $$s! COOL BOOK: Robin Padron’s HOW TO HOMESCHOOL MATH-Even if you hate fractions is so worth the read, even for teachers! An illuminating perspective on the K-12 curriculum we teach. © James Tanton 2012 www.jamestanton.com A PUZZLER: Here’s a classic. PLAYING WITH NUMBERS: Write the numbers 1 though 10 on the board. Pick any two numbers, erase them, and replace them with the single number given by their sum plus their product. (So, if you choose to erase the numbers a and b, replace them with a b ab+ + .) You now have nine numbers on the board. Do this again: Pick any two numbers, erase them, and replace them with their sum plus

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