Watchmen: Scalable Cheat-Resistant Support for Distributed Multi

Watchmen: Scalable Cheat-Resistant Support for Distributed Multi

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Watchmen: Scalable Cheat-Resistant Support for Distributed Multi-Player Online Games Amir Yahyavi∗,Kevin Huguenin´ †, Julien Gascon-Samson∗,J¨org Kienzle

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Ted Riederer's The Resurrectionists Five Instruments in Five Acts By Colby Chamberlain I. Do It Again Start here—In 1953 Robert Rauschenberg knocks on the door of Willem de Kooning with a bottle of Jack Daniels and a favor to ask: Could he erase one of de Kooning’s drawings? They sit down and open the bottle, and nervously Rauschenberg explains his current body of work, a series of white paintings wholly lacking in gesture and image. He would like to involve drawing as well, with the only method available, erasure. Would de Kooning, among the most recognized of living U.S. artists, agree to the destruction of one piece for the creation of another? De Kooning is no dummy, and he understands the ballsy nature of Rauschenberg’s request. It is an act of insouciance, of slaying the father with eraser-heads. Take away de Kooning’s mark and it’s tantamount to castration. Nevertheless, de Kooning plays along and begins looking through his portfolios. At first he reaches for a light sketch but thinks better of it. “It has to be something I’ll miss,” he tells Rauschenberg. He looks through the first portfolio, then a second, a finally in the third finds the perfect piece, grinning deviously. The drawing is two feet high and thick with graphite, crayon, and charcoal. It takes a Rauschenberg a solid month and countless erasers to remove it all. His friend Jasper Johns decides on the precise wording of the title, which is later embedded into the frame: Erased de Kooning Drawing . Now, with chords—In Spring 2006, Ted Riederer approaches Max Huber, formerly of the punk revival band Swingin’ Utters, with a favor to ask: Could he smash one of Riederer’s guitars? On a street corner in the East Village,

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