Volume 37 | Number 2 | April 2016

Volume 37 | Number 2 | April 2016

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way in solving a water safety crisis in Washington, D.C., Dr. Edwards knew that he . (SDR), donated by the Rincon Research Corporation, that will provide . engineering, citing that, as a kid, she liked K-NEX, LEGOs, and blocks,.

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ENGINEERS FORUM ’ Volume 37 | Number 2 | April 2016 Volume 37 I Number 2 I April 2016 1 Sinc e joining the staff of Engineers’ Forum Maga zine more than three y ears ago, I ha ve gotten the pleasure of ha ving Lynn Nystrom as a mentor During this time she ga ve me the resourc es and the strength to gro w as a leader and as a professional within the maga zine I will never forget the wa y she and I c ommunic ated during meetings across the table just by looking at each other as we heard a cr azy article idea, or an opinion that didn’t match our ow n Lynn alw ays put students rst in her life, and she sh owed us all ho w to be seless, even when we ma y feel that our ow n problems are more important Lynn c ared so much about all of us at the Forum, and her absence is felt both at the Engineers’ Forum Maga zine and as a w eight in our hearts T hank y ou Lynn for all the y ears of support and for all that y ou ha ve left with us as y ou ha ve moved on to a better plac e SOFIA DA VIL A Lynn's attentiv eness as we ll as her co ntributions to the EF meeting discussions showed her genuine conc ern for the w elf vare of the maga zine and the staff sinc e I joined my freshman y ear I will alw ays remember Lynn's w elc oming smile whenever I arriv ed for an EF meeting ELSHEBA OKWEI Lynn Nystrom demanded perfection When I had rst beco me EditorinChief, Lynn began her barr age of questions, asking wh y I w asn’t up to date on this task, or wh y I hadn’t sent her updates on another stor y She was a strong willed teacher and has in a sense, effected me more so posthumously Follo wing her passing I w as in shock My staff and I were left to run the Engineers Forum maga zine without our beloved f aculty advisor and I w as lost For a sec ond I had forgotten my training But as I began to pick up where I had left off, for some reason I had the same urges to quickly gather and co mpile informa tion just as I w ould’v e had Lynn still been around Time of length with someone doesn’t alw ays deter mine ho w much y ou’ll miss someone onc e the y’re gone, Lynn Nystrom w as one of those fe w ex emplar y people My time with her on this Earth w as short, but her spirit still remains, here, through us Love and miss y ou Lynn NAHU DIMITRI I rst met Lynn, when I w as a junior in Electric al Engineering at Virginia T ech I had joined Engineers’ Forum as a writer and w as attending the rst meeting of the semester Ly nn made a strong rst impression She struck me as a no nonsense and a w ell meaning person, who w as alw ays present to guide the editorial board through the tough wa ters of publishing an independent technic al maga zine on a c ollege campus While w orking rst as a writer and then as the maga zine’s managing editor my ac quaintanc e with Lynn further e xpanded As a ne wbie, I had se veral questions about maga zine distribution and ho w to increase our readership amongst the engineering students She patiently answ ered my questions and pro vided feedback where she c ould Fast fo rw ard 2 y ears…I w as a gr aduate student and the ne wly elected editor in chief of Engineers’ Forum It was a big responsibility and I w as ha ving a minor ner vous break do wn w ondering if I w ould be able to do it At that time Lynn told me something that I will never forget She said that she kne w that I had it in me to

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Call early for "Special Judo Rates". Rooms will go fast. Tournament organizers will provide a complementary double room for each team of 15.