Volume 14 Number 1 Winter 2009

Volume 14 Number 1 Winter 2009

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planned for presentation on the KyOPA . The following are just some of the tools that . a feature story 111 the Lexington Herald-. Leader. hand were atlatl throwing, blow gun, pump . members want paper copy or digital; Tanya.

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Winter 2009 KENTUCKY ARCHAEOLOGY I The Newsletter of the Kentucky Organization of Professional Archaeologists TABLE OF CONTENTS Editor's Note I Feature Topic 2 Committer Reports 5 Recent Research I 0 KyOPA Business Meeting 10 News & Announcements 12 KyOPA Officers & Board Members 12 Newsletter Editor: Bruce L Manzano Department of Anthropology, University of Kentucky, 1020A Export St Lexington, KY 40506 [email protected] EDITOR'S NOTE Bruce L Manzano This KyOPA Newsletter is abbreviated from previous issues in part because I want to proceed without further delay and it is past winter The newsletter is in a period of transition reflecting changes in written communication for all organizations with Page 1 newsletters The question is specifically whether to mail or email issues to members or have them obtain it over the web With the KyOPA web page (kyopaorgorg) now up, a great deal of information communicated by the newsletter is and will be through the internet Those who desire to obtain a mailed KyOPA newsletter copy should inform Alex Bybee or Bruce L Manzano, the new editor Accurate and timely communication of archeological information relevant to Kentucky is my goal as editor of the KyOPA Newsletter The newsletter was not produced for nearly three years due to a number of reasons The lack of an editor was no doubt cmcial to this interruption We now enter a time in which information about Kentucky archaeology is communicated by mail, email, and the web page This will increase the amount of information available to KyOPA members, assist those across the state who are interested in archaeology, and help to greatly develop Kentucky archaeology At the launch of my editorship, I encourage all members to submit short articles, current research, book reviews, relevant to archaeology in Kentucky The deadline for the Summer 09 issue is July 15 However, Volume 14, No1 (Winter 2009), Kentucky Archaeology to keep with earlier KyOPA newsletters, the submittal deadline is May 15 for Summer issues and November 15 for Winter issues Please note the software and

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put together by the leading companies, “founders” of Clean Sky 2 and coordinated by the JU. Regulation No . between the European Commission and the European aeronautical industry, Clean Sky pulls . target to accomplish technology readiness levels of 5 at the end of 2015 for Business jets and.

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