Vegetable Garden Planting Guide - Landscaping Ideas | Landscape

Vegetable Garden Planting Guide - Landscaping Ideas | Landscape

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Corn Row Planting Crops that are taller and need more space for support should be planted in individual rows with walkways in between for easy access.

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Corn Row Planting Crops that are taller and need more space for support should be planted in individual rows with walkways in between for easy access. Raised Bed Planting Most vegetable plants will grow best in raised beds to allow them to grow in nutrient rich soil, and provide protection from pests by being raised off the ground. “Hilling” Crops Plants that tend to sprawl and be more vine-like should be planted in a cluster. After maturing they will have enough space for production. Common Heights of Raised Bed Planters: -Smaller scale: 4”, 6”, 8” tall -Medium scale: 10”, 11” tall -Large scale: 16.5”, 22” tall Common Widths of Raised Bed Planters: -Between 2’-4.5’ wide Make sure you do not make your beds wider than 4.5’ so the vegetable plants in the center can be easily accessed. beets broccoli cabbage tomatoes brussels sprouts cauliflower carrots lettuce onions peas potatoes radish spinach peppers Most Common Vegetable Plants -Early Spring cantaloupe corn cucumbers tomatoes eggplant garlic herbs peppers pumpkin squash watermelon beans lettuce okra -Summer Most Common Building Materials: brick concrete peeler core construction lumber recycled plastic lumber Size Is Important Tomatoes Peas Cabbage Broccoli Cauliflower Lettuce Carrots Onions Squash Watermelon Cantaloupe Pumpkin Potatoes Cucumber Beans Peas Vegetable Garden Planting Guide Use this guide to find out when, where, and what vegetables to plant in your garden Most Common Garden Mulches: bark chips straw grass clippings cedar mulch rubber chips Climbing Vegetables Providing a trellis for climbing vegetables will not only provide support but will also increase air circulation. Plant these crops in single rows to make them easier to harvest. Smaller Vegetables Crops that require less space in order to produce can be plant - ed closer together in raised beds. This will increase the size of your harvest. INFORMATION:,; VEGETABLES:; MULCH:,,,,; MATERIALS:,,,,; BY: Renee’ Brown @ Eggplant collards lettuce spinach kale turnip broccoli cauliflower cabbage endive zucchini onion brussel sprouts swiss chard radish -Fall fava beans carrots rutabaga chives mustard spinach broccoli cabbage bunching onion kale swiss chard radish cauliflower garlic -Winter N W S E summer shade spring/fall shade A north-south orientation provides the vegetable plants with sunlight on both sides of the crop row each day. For colder elevations, an east-west orientation has an advantage for collecting heat and protecting plants from frost. Orientation Common Irrigation Systems: -Drip irrigation -Soaker hose and soaker

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