USPS - ZIP Code Lookup - Find a City By ZIP Code Results

USPS - ZIP Code Lookup - Find a City By ZIP Code Results

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Title: USPS - ZIP Code Lookup - Find a City By ZIP Code Results Author: Klaus Created Date: 12/14/2010 11:11:45 AM

USPS - ZIP Code Lookup - Find a City By ZIP Code Results free download

USPS Home | FAQs Cities in a ZIP Code may be referred to by more than one name or spelling. T hese results indicate the actual city name, as well as any acceptable alternatives. Site Map Customer Service Forms Gov't Services Careers Privacy Policy Terms of Use Business Customer Gateway Copyright© 2010 USPS. All Rights Re se rv e d. No FEAR Act EEO Data FOIA ZIP Code Lookup Find a City by ZIP Code™ Results You Gave Us 60523 Do Another Lookup Actual City name in 60523 OAK BROOK, IL Acce ptable City nam e s in 60523 HINSDALE, IL Relate d Links Calculate Postage Calculate postage for your letter or package online! Rate Calculator Print Shipping Labels Print shipping labels from your desktop and pay online. Click-N-Ship® Other Postage Re sidential and Business Lookup Find an address with WhitePages People Search and Business Search . USPS - ZIP Code Lookup - Find a City By ZIP Code Results 1 of 1 12/14/2010 11:11 A M Visited 12/14/10

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