Unrestricted Warfare - Terrorism - Watch & Warning

Unrestricted Warfare - Terrorism - Watch & Warning

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Unrestricted Warfare Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui (Beijing: PLA Literature and Arts Publishing House, February 1999)

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Unrestricted WarfareQiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui(Beijing: PLA Literature and Arts Publishing House, February 1999) 2Unrestricted Warfare, by Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui (Beijing: PLA Literature and ArtsPublishing House, February 1999)[FBIS Editor's Note: The following selections are taken from "Unrestricted Warfare," a bookpublished in China in February 1999 which proposes tactics for developing countries, inparticular China, to compensate for their military inferiority vis-?-vis the United States during ahigh-tech war. The selections include the table of contents, preface, afterword, and biographicalinformation about the authors printed on the cover. The book was written by two PLA seniorcolonels from the younger generation of Chinese military officers and was published by the PLALiterature and Arts Publishing House in Beijing, suggesting that its release was endorsed by atleast some elements of the PLA leadership. This impression was reinforced by an interview withQiao and laudatory review of the book carried by the party youth league's official dailyZhongguo Qingnian Bao on 28 June.Published prior to the bombing of China's embassy in Belgrade, the book has recently drawn theattention of both the Chinese and Western press for its advocacy of a multitude of means, bothmilitary and particularly non-military, to strike at the United States during times of conflict.Hacking into websites, targeting financial institutions, terrorism, using the media, andconducting urban warfare are among the methods proposed. In the Zhongguo Qingnian Baointerview, Qiao was quoted as stating that "the first rule of unrestricted warfare is that there areno rules, with nothing forbidden." Elaborating on this idea, he asserted that strong countrieswould not use the same approach against weak countries because "strong countries make therules while rising ones break them and exploit loopholes . . .The United States breaks [UN rules]and makes new ones when these rules don't suit [its purposes], but it has to observe its own rulesor the whole world

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