Understanding CCB’s Residential Continuing Education Exemption

Understanding CCB’s Residential Continuing Education Exemption

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Gina Fox (503-934 contractors who business practices do not and will not “touch” a residential dwelling or After receiving your renewal form,

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Oregon Construction Contractors Board 700 Summer St NE, Suite 300 PO Box 14140 Salem, Oregon 97309 (503) 373 2007 FAX wwworegongov/ccb FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: DATE: October 4, 2011 (11 15 BSN) CONTACT: Gina Fox (503 934 2195 ) Media Only Understanding CCB’s Residential Continuing Education Exemption for “No Touch” Rule On September 27, 2011, the Construction Contractors Board (CCB) adopted rules exempting contractors who business practices do not and will not “touch” a residential dwelling or outbuilding from the Residential Continuing Education Core Building Exterior Shell Training (BEST) and Building Codes requirement This exemption is not permitted for contractors whose work includes exc avation, grading, concrete work or paving Contractors taking the exemption (3 hours in BEST and 2 hours of building codes) must increase the amount of elective hours required by 5 hours If a contractor changes their business practices and intends to pe rform work on residential dwelling or outbuilding, they must complete the education prior to providing the work The CCB strongly recommends all contractors complete BEST and the Building Codes requirement Completing the education eliminates the potentia l for a contractor to violate the law by “touching” the residential dwelling or outbuilding Additionally all contractors have an interest and a role (directly or indirectly) in ensuring buildings do not leak What does it mean by “no touch”? The law say s “Unless otherwise provided, contractors that do not perform work on a residential structure that is a dwelling or outbuilding” may exempt themselves from BEST and Building Codes Perform work means at any time during your license period you perform:  Act ual hands on work on a residential dwelling or outbuilding  Offer or arrange work on a residential dwelling or outbuilding  Inspection on a residential dwelling or outbuilding  Construction Management on a residential dwelling or outbuilding  Other activities defined as “Work as a Contractor” (OAR 812 002 0780) Some examples of touching a structure include a fencing contractor that attaches the fence to the residential dwelling; or when a deck is attached to the dwelling If one project “touches” the residential dwelling or outbuilding , it means the contractor does not qualify for the exemption Why is excavation, grading, concrete work or paving not exempt for the BEST and Building Codes requirement? The Board concluded that contracto rs performing excavation, grading, concrete work or paving impact the building’s shell and have an important role in preventing any compromise to the building envelope What is the core and elective requirement if a contractor utilizes the exemption? Contractors taking advantage of the exemption from BEST and Building Codes are still required to take the total number of hours required (16 hours for Residential General and Residential Specialty Contractors and 8 hours for Residential Limited Contractor s)  3 hours of CCB Laws, Regulations and Business Practices (LRB)  13 hours of electives for mo st contractors For the small number of Residential Limited Contractors it will be 5 elective hours How to I take the exemption? The exemption must be renewed each license period After receiving your renewal form, y ou can request the agreement form from the CCB Complete the form, have it notarized and return the original agreement form to the CCB with your completed renewal form You renewal form must show you have completed the required elective education, including the additional five hours Under this agreement you have certified and agreed you do not “touch” a residential dwelling or outbuilding, and if you change your bus iness practices to

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