Transportation Security Administration, DHS §1548

Transportation Security Administration, DHS §1548

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385 Transportation Security Administration, DHS §1548.16 (d) Operators must comply with the requirements of this section not later than November 22, 2006, for direct em-

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385 Transportation Security Administration, DHS § 1548.16 (d) Operators must comply with the requirements of this section not later than November 22, 2006, for direct em- ployees and not later than June 15, 2007, for agents. [71 FR 30515, May 26, 2006, as amended at 71 FR 62549, Oct. 25, 2006] § 1548.13 Security coordinators. Each indirect air carrier must des- ignate and use an Indirect Air Carrier Security Coordinator (IACSC). The IACSC and alternates must be ap- pointed at the corporate level and must serve as the indirect air carrier’s pri- mary contact for security-related ac- tivities and communications with TSA, as set forth in the security program. Either the IACSC or an alternate IACSC must be available on a 24-hour basis. [71 FR 30515, May 26, 2006] § 1548.15 Access to cargo: Security threat assessments for individuals having unescorted access to cargo. (a) Before an aircraft operator au- thorizes and before an individual per- forms a function described in para- graph (b) of this section— (1) Each individual must successfully complete a security threat assessment or comparable security threat assess- ment described in part 1540 subpart C of this chapter; and (2) Each aircraft operator must com- plete the requirements in part 1540 sub- part C. (b) The security threat assessment required in paragraph (a) of this sec- tion applies to the following: (1) Each individual who has unescorted access to cargo and access to information that such cargo will be transported on a passenger aircraft; or who has unescorted access to cargo screened for transport on a passenger aircraft; or who performs certain func- tions related to the transportation, dis- patch or security of cargo for transport on a passenger aircraft or all-cargo air- craft, as specified in the indirect air carrier’s security program; from the time— (i) Cargo to be transported on an all- cargo aircraft operated by an aircraft operator

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