Transitions: A Nursing Concern - University of Pennsylvania

Transitions: A Nursing Concern - University of Pennsylvania

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Transitions: A Nursing Concern Norma Chick Afaf Ibrahim Meleisy University of California - San Francisco almost by definition, must address change in one fonn or

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U niv ersit y of P ennsy lvani a Sc hol arly Comm ons S choo l of N ursin g D ep artme ntal P ape rs S choo l of N ursin g 1986 T ra nsit ions: A N ursing Conce rn N or ma C hick U niv er sit y of C ali f o rn ia Sa n Fra n cisco A fa f I br ahim M eleis U niv er sit y of P ennsy lv a n ia , me [email protected] ursin gupe nn e du F ollo w thi s and a ddition al w orks at: h tt p://r eposit oryu pe nn e du/nr s P art of the N ur sin g C ommon s C op yrigh t 1986 A spen Publica tion s R epr inte d f rom : C hick , N, & M elei s, A I T ra n sit ion s: A n ursin g conc ern I n P L C hinn ( Ed)(1986) N ursin g rese arch me thodo logy, ( pp 237257) Boulde r, C O: A spe n Publica tion Thi s pape r is pos te d a t Scho la rly Common s h tt p://r eposit oryu pe nn e du/nr s/9 F or mor e information, p leas e c onta ct r e posit [email protected] boxu pe nn e du R ecomme nded Citation C hick , N, & M elei s, A I (1986) T ra n sit ion s: A N ursin g C onc ern R etr ie ved f rom h tt p://r eposit oryu pe nn e du/nr s/9 T ra nsit ions: A N ursing Conce rn Di sci plin es N ur sin g C omm en ts C op yrigh t 1986 A spen Publica tion s R epr inte d f rom : C hick , N, & M elei s, A I T ra n sit ion s: A n ursin g conc ern I n P L C hinn ( Ed)(1986) N ursin g rese arch me thodo logy, ( pp 237257) Boulde r, C O: A spe n Publica tion Thi s boo k chapt er i s a vai la b le a t Scho la rly Common s: h tt p://r eposit oryu pe nn e du/nr s/9 Chapter 18 Transitions:ANursing Concern Norma Chickand Afaf Ibrahim Meleis Analysis is amethodological optioninthe development of knowledge in nursing It is defined asaprocess of identifying partsandcomponents, examining themagainst anumber of identified criteriaAnalysis includes both concept andtheory analysis Concept analysisisauseful process inthe cycle of theory development and testing andmay occur atmany points inthe process Anumber of structures have been provided inthe literature asguidelines forconcept analysis 14 Strategies foranalysis dependonlevels of knowledge development within disciplines As the boundaries of nursing domain develop andaresharpened, analysis takesonnew dimensions The use of multidimensional components of analyses thataremore congruent withlevel of development innursing would helpinfurther developing nursingknowledge The components usedin analysis of transition arepresented belowThesemaybeused sequentially or nonsequentially 1 Definition, identification, anddescription of thedifferent dimensions and components of theconcept In defining different dimensions, a description of some of the antecedents tothe concept andsome of the consequences isessential, matching some of thesedescriptions withwhat occurs innursing practice 2 Examination andanalysis of concept congruency withexisting nursing theories andother domain concepts Note: Theauthors collaborated onthis paper whileNorma Chickwasonsabbatical leaveasa Visiting Lecturer intheDepartment ofMental HealthandCommunity Nursing,University of California, SanFrancisco The authors wishtoacknowledge theirappreciation toRamona MercerandJeanne Qunit­ Benoliel fortheir review of anearlier draft of thismanuscript 237 238 NURSING RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 3 Development,description,andanalysis of exemplars of model cases This stepmay include clinicalorempirical results that arerelated tothe concept 4 Comparison withother concepts withsimilar properties anddimensions to establish itsboundaries 5 Development, description,andanalysis of contrary casestothe norma­ tive cases Situations inwhich theconcept appearssometimes or undera new set of conditions arecalled borderline casesandarealso useful in analyzing concepts 6 Analysis of theresearch potential related to theconcept byconsider­ ation of its properties asdependent andindependent variableThis component iscompleted whenmeasurement issuesareconsidered Each of these processes hasamethodology of its own andcould be used asa test of the occurrence of aconcept Thesetestsareboth conceptual and clinical Whentheseprocesses arecomplemented bytesting through empiri­ cally valid andreliable research instruments, thecycle of theoryresearch­ theory iscomplete The purpose of thischapter is twofold: toarticulate anargument forthe centrality of transitions asaconcept withinthedomain of nursing by using the guidelines of concept analysis identified earlierandtoprovide ananalysis of transition asan exemplar forconcept analysis DEFINITION, DIMENSIONS, ANDCOMPONENTS OF TRANSITION Transition isafamiliar conceptindevelopmental theoriesandinstress and adaptation theories It accommodates boththecontinuities anddiscontinui­ ties inthe lifeprocesses of human beingsTransitions areinvariably relatedto change anddevelopment, both of whicharehighly pertinent themesfor nursing Superimposed ondevelopmental transitionsareother forms of transition that arelinked moredirectly tosituational andhealthillness events Oneexample of thelatter ishospitalization foracute illness orinjury, which automatically precipitatestheperson intocontact withnurses and nursing In some instances, transition is initiatedbyevents beyond the individual's control;inother cases, itmay besought deliberately through events suchasmarriage, migration, careerchange, orcosmetic surgery Transitions arethose periods inbetween

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