Traffic Flow Merging and Bifurcating at Junction on Two-Lane Highway

Traffic Flow Merging and Bifurcating at Junction on Two-Lane Highway

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headway necessary for changing the lane is shorter. Also, the slowdown is the traffic states and jams induced by the weaving at the junction on the 

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World Journal of Mechanics, 2012, 2, 203215 doi:104236/wjm201224025 Published Online August 2012 (http://wwwSciRPorg/journal/wjm) Traffic Flow Merging and Bifurcating at Junction on TwoLane Highway Kazuhiro Tobita, Yuichi Naito, Takashi Nagatani Department of Mechanical Engineering, Division of Thermal Science, Shizuoka University, Hamamatsu, Japan Email: [email protected] cshizuokaacjp Received May 14, 2012; revised June 17, 2012; accepted June 27, 2012 ABSTRACT In this paper we study the traffic states and jams in vehicular traffic merging and bifurcating at a junction on a twolane highway The twolane traffic model for the vehicular motion at the junction is presented where a jam occurs frequently due to merging, lane changing, and bifurcating The traffic fl ow is called the weaving At the weaving section, vehicles slow down and then move aside on the other lane for changing their direction We derive the fundamental diagrams (flowdensity diagrams) for the weaving traffic flow The tr affic states vary with the density, slowdown speed, and the fraction of vehicles changing the lane The dynamical phase tr ansitions occur It is shown that the fundamental diagrams depend highly on the traffic states Keywords: Vehicular Dynamics; Traffic Jam; Junctio n; Dynamical Phase Transition; Weaving 1 Introduction Mobility is nowadays one of the most significant ingre dients of a modern society Interchanges, junctions, and on ramp prevent mobility highly Traffic networks often exceed the capacity The traffic congestion often occurs in city traffic networks Traffic flow is a selfdriven manyparticle system of strongly interacting vehicles [15] The concepts and techniques of physics are applied to such complex systems as transportation systems Several physical models have been applied to the vehicular flow [628] The dynamical phase transitions such the jam ming transitions between distinct traffic states have been studied from a point of view of statistical physics and nonlinear dynamics Traffic jams are a typical signature of the complex behavior of traffic flow Tra ffic jams are classified into two kinds of jams: 1) spontaneous jam (or phantom jam) which propagates backward as the stop and gowave and 2) stationary jam which is induced by slowdown or blo ckage at a section of roadway If a sensitivity of driver is lower than a critical value, the spontaneous jam occurs The jamming transition is very similar to the conven tional phase transitions and critical phenomena [1,15] When the sensitivity is higher than the critical value, the spontaneous jam does not appear, while the stationary jam induced by slowdown occurs [1,26] Nagatani [25] and Hananura et al [26] showed that the traffic flow on a highway with bottlenecks can be mod eled by introducing the slowdown section into the high way The bottleneck corresponds to the slowdown sec tion where the maximal velocity in the optimal velocity function is reduced and less than that at the normal sec tion The stationary jam is formed just before the slow down section The vehicular traffic with slowdown sec tion is similar to the synchronized traffic in the three phase theory The extension of the optimal velocity model taken into account the slowdown corresponds to the non unique case By introducing the slowdown section in stead of the bottleneck on a highway, one will be able to model the real traffic using the extended version of opti mal velocity model In this paper, we introduce the slowdown and weaving sections instead of the bottleneck Therefore, the bottle neck effect on the traffic flow is taken into account in our model In real traffic on toll roads, manual tollgates induce frequently the queuing just in front

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