trade barriers in export of finnish goods to russian federation

trade barriers in export of finnish goods to russian federation

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Waclaw Wojciechowski. TRADE BARRIERS IN EXPORT OF FINNISH .. regulations designed to protect public health and national security, as trade barriers. (Onkvisit & Shaw 2009, 73) When one looks .. EU were converted into fixed tariffs and tariff-rate quotas. 3.2.5 Rates: specific, ad valorem and 

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Waclaw Wojciechowski TRADE BARRIERS IN EXPORT OF FINNISH GOODS TO RUSSIAN FEDERATION Thesis CENTRIA UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES, YLIVIESKA UNIT Degree Programme in Industrial Management May 2013 ABSTRACT Department in Ylivieska Date May 2013 Author Waclaw Wojciechowski Degree programme Industrial Management Name of thesis TRADE BARRIERS IN EXPORT OF FINNISH GOODS TO RUSSIAN FEDERATION Instructor Markku Makitalo Pages 73 Supervisor Markku Makitalo This work was written with the purpose of explaining and identifying trade barriers obstructing exports of goods from Finland to Russian Federation With many changes in international trade, it is important to realise possible problems and solutions for them when engaging into exporting goods to another country This work was written to realise those The information for it was collected from several national reports concerning trade with Russia and from a couple of interviews with local businessmen, who have experience in exporting goods to Russia As a result, some of the potential risks were shown and possible solutions for avoiding them, as well as engaging into safer business operations, were found At the current moment these data might help Finnish companies, when engaging into business with Russian Federation and might also help in updating the, already obtained, information Key words classification of trade barriers, exports to Russia, Russian Federation , trade barriers , trade barriers in Russian Federation, TABLE OF CONTENT 1 INTRODUCTION 3 2 THEORY OF TRADE BARRIERS 6 21 Why are trade barriers used? 7 22 World Trade Organization (WTO) and General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) 10 3 CLASSIFICATION OF TRADE BARRIERS 13 31 Artificial barriers 14 32 Tariff barriers 14 321 Direc tion: import and export tariffs 14 322 Purpose: protective and revenue tariffs 15 323 Length: tariff surcharge versus countervailing duty 15 324 Import restraints: special duties, variable duties 15 325 Rates: specific, ad valorem and com bined 16 326 Distribution points: distribution and consumption taxes 17 33 Nontariff barriers 19 331 Government participation in trade 20 332 Customs and entry procedures 23 333 Product requirements 25 334 Quotas 26 335 Financial contr ol 29 336 Private barriers 30 34 Natural barriers 31 4 THEORY OF CREATING INTERVIEW QUESTIONS AND INTERVIEWING 33 5 TRADE BARRIERS IN RUSSIAN FEDERATION 36 51 Russian Federation and Finland 38 52 Trade barriers in Russia 43 53 Tariff barriers 44 54 Nontariff barriers 46 541 G overnment participation in trade 46 542 Customs and entry procedures 47 543 Product requirements 50 544 Quotas 51 545 Financial control 52 2 55 Private barriers 52 56 Natural barrier 54 57 Interview 55 58 Case study analysis 64 6 CO NCLUSION 67 REFERENCES 70 3 1 INTRODUCTION After the experience of two summer trainings in a Polish company, on the position handling international purchases, the subject of Border Customs and International Trade in general, proved to be of high significance and interest in modern bu siness environment It led to

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