Towing A TrAiler - Home | National Highway Traffic Safety

Towing A TrAiler - Home | National Highway Traffic Safety

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Towing A TrAiler Being Equipped For Safety Hitch Systems, Towing Packages, & Driving Permits

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Towing A Tr Ailer Being Equipped For Safety Hitch Systems, Towing Packages, & Driving Permits 1 Introduction 2 Selecting a Tow Vehicle 4 If You Already Have a Tow Vehicle 7 Connecting Your Trailer to Your Tow Vehicle 11 Tire Safety 12 Loading and Weight Distribution 13 State and Local Requirements for Towing 15 Pre-departure Safety Checklist 17 Safety Tips for Driving With a Trailer 21 Maintenance 24 Resources Table of Contents page 1 H itch systems, towing packages, tongue weight, and driving permits—there’s a lot more to towing a trailer than just hitching up and taking off down the road. This brochure provides general information and tips that can help you make safe decisions when purchasing and driving a tow vehicle and trailer for noncommercial, personal use. It covers the following topics: How the size and weight of a trailer affect the selection of a tow vehicle Things to consider if you already have a tow vehicle The importance of trailer manufacturers’ tow ratings How to measure the weight of a trailer The hitching, braking, and wiring systems that connect tow vehicles with trailers Tire safety Proper loading and weight distribution of cargo and equipment State and local requirements for towing a trailer A pre-departure checklist Safety tips for driving with a trailer Safety tips for maintaining a tow vehicle and trailer This brochure is not a substitute for the technical information found in manufacturers’ towing guides and vehicle owner’s manuals. Its purpose is to give you some basic information about factors to consider and equipment you will need to ensure your safety and that of your passengers, as well as the safety of other people on the road, when you are towing a trailer. • • • • • • • • • • • Introduction M ost SUVs,

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