The Stability of Teacher Performance and Effectiveness: Implications for Policies Concerning ...

The Stability of Teacher Performance and Effectiveness: Implications for Policies Concerning ...

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analysis (see, for example, Cambridge Education, 2013; Fish & Dane, 2000; Piburn et al., 2000). In other cases, the . 8 were administered the Palmetto Assessment of State Standards (PASS) in mid-March (writing) and early May (reading and . PASS tests in English language arts and mathematics.

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Journal website: http://epaaasuedu/ojs/ Manuscript received: 2/23/2014 Facebook: /EPAAA Revisions received: 7/24/2014 Twitter: @epaa_aape Accepted: 7/30/2014 education policy analysis archives A peerreviewed, independent, open access, multilingual journal Arizona State University Volume 22 Number 95 October 6th, 2014 ISSN 10682341 The Stability of Teacher Performance and Effectiveness: Implications for Policies Concerning Teacher Evaluation Grant B Morgan Kari J Hodge Baylor University Tonya M Trepinski Texas A & M International University & Lorin W Anderson University of South Carolina United States Citation: Morgan, G B, Hodge, K J, Trepinksi, T M, & Anderson, L W (2014) The stability of teacher performance and effectiveness: Implications for policies concerning teacher evaluation Education Policy Analysis Archives, 22(95) http://dxdoiorg/1014507/epaav22n952014 Abstract: The last five to ten years has seen a renewed interest in the stability of teacher behavior and effectiveness Data on teacher performance and teacher effectiveness are being used increasingly as the basis for decisions about continued employment, tenure and promotion, and financial bonuses The purpose of this study is to explore the stability of both teacher performance and effectiveness by determining the extent to which performances and effectiveness of individual teachers fluctuate over time The sample consisted of 132 teachers for whom both observational and state standardized test data were available for five consecutive years Neither teacher performance nor effectiveness were highly stable over multiple years of epaa aape Education Policy Analysis Archives Vol 22 No 95 2 the study The observed relationship between teacher performance and teacher effectiveness was reasonably stable over time, but the magnitude of the relationship was quite small Teacher performance was also likely to be inflated in low performing schools We also discuss when different observed patterns may be acceptable based on the purpose for which the data are used Keywords: teacher evaluation policy; effectiveness; teacher performance; teacher stability; valueadded La estabilidad del desempe?o y eficacia docente: Implicaciones para las pol?ticas de evaluaci?n de maestros Resumen: En los ?ltimos cinco a diez a?os ha visto un renovado inter?s en la estabilidad de la conducta y la efectividad de los maestros Los datos sobre el desempe?o de los docentes y la eficacia docente se est?n utilizando cada vez m?s como la base para las decisiones sobre el mantenimiento del empleo, la tenencia y la promoci?n, y los bonos financieros El prop?sito de este estudio es explorar la estabilidad de rendimiento y eficacia de los docentes analizando en que medida las actuaciones y la eficacia de los profesores individuales fluct?an con el tiempo La muestra estuvo constituida estaban disponibles datos tanto observacionales y de pruebas estandarizadas durante cinco a?os consecutivos Ni el desempe?o docente ni la eficacia era muy estable a lo largo de varios a?os de estudio La relaci?n observada entre el desempe?o de los docentes y la efectividad del maestro era razonablemente estable en el tiempo, pero la magnitud de la relaci?n era bastante peque?a Es probable que el desempe?o de los docentes tambi?n se halla incrementado en escuelas de bajo rendimiento Tambi?n discutimos en que medida los diferentes patrones observados pueden ser aceptables como una base confiable para los fines propuestos por esas pol?ticas Palabras clave: pol?tica de evaluaci?n de los docentes; eficacia; desempe?o de los docentes; estabilidad del profesorado; valor a?adido Estabilidade do desempenho e efic?cia do ensino: Implica??es para as pol?ticas de avalia??o de professores Resumo: Nos ?ltimos cinco a dez anos tem visto um renovado interesse na estabilidade do comportamento e da efic?cia dos professores Os

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