The Small Language Scripting Reference

The Small Language Scripting Reference

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RemotelyAnywhere uses a third party scripting language called Small. WHAT IS SMALL? This is probably best described in the wo rds of the author of the language itself:

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The Small Language Scripting Reference Copyright © 2007, LogMeIn, Inc All rights reserved Page 2 of 36 RemotelyAnywhere uses a third party scripting language called Small WHAT IS SMALL? This is probably best described in the words of the author of the language itself: Small is a simple, typeless, 32bit extension language with a Clike syntax The Small compiler outputs Pcode (or bytecode) that subsequently runs on an abstract machine Execution speed, stability, simplicity and a small footprint were essential design criterions for both the language and the abstract machine […] The Small language was designed as a flexible, generalpurpose language The tool set (compiler, abstract machine) were written so that they were easily extensible and would run on different software/hardware architectures Many years ago, I retyped the “Small C” compiler from Dr Dobb’s Journal, by Ron Cain and James Hendrix Having just grasped the basics of the C language, working on the Small C compiler was a learning experience of its own […] In early 1998, I was looking for a scripting language for an animation toolkit […] While experimenting with Quincy (from Al Stevens), I decided that a simplified C would probably be a good fit I dusted off Small C This is the result Small is a descendent of the original Small C, which at its turn was a subset of C The most fundamental changes that I did were the removal of the type system and the substitution of pointers by references The motivations to adapt the C language to (yet another) tiny language are best discussed elsewhere (see the rationale in appendix A), but by scrapping the type system and the support for pointers, I could hardly call my language a “subset of C” or a “C dialect” Therefore, I stripped off the “C” from the title and kept the name “Small” Thiadmer Riemersma, the Small Booklet, 1999 Copyright © 2007, LogMeIn, Inc All rights reserved Page 3 of 36 For an introduction and a complete language reference, please see the Small booklet on the RemotelyAnywhere website: http://wwwremotelyanywherecom/smalldocpdf This document describes the RemotelyAnywhere extensions to the language These extensions allow your scripts to communicate with RemotelyAnywhere, the user, and provide a small subset of the Win32 API The definition of the functions are in the ‘rainc’ header file, so you must insert the “#include ” line in your script’s source code in order to use them If you create a new script with RemotelyAnywhere, it will place the appropriate line in the source to use these functions The following is a list and description of functions that make up the extensions and the page on which they can be found in this document: native gb(arr[], id); 6 native sb(arr[], id, value); 6 native strize(array[], len=1); 6 native strlen(string[]); 7 native strcpy(dest[], src[]); 7 native strcat(dest[], src[]); 8 native strleft(dest[], src[], len); 8 native strright(dest[], src[], len); 9 native strmid(dest[], src[], pos, len); 9 native strchr(string[], c, start=0); 10 native strstr(string1[], string2[], start=0); 10 native strcmp(string1[], string2[]); 11 native stricmp(string1[], string2[]); 11 native sprintf(string[], format[], ); 11 native atoi(string[]); 12 native fopen(filename[], mode); 13 native fclose(file); 13 native fread(file, buf[], bytes); 13 native fwrite(file, buf[], bytes);14 native fseek(file, offset, method);14 Copyright © 2007, LogMeIn, Inc All rights reserved Page 4 of 36 native socket(address[], port, timeout=1); 15 native closesocket(sock); 16 native recv(sock, buf[], bytes); 16 native send(sock, buf[], bytes); 17 native htmlBeginOutput(title[]=””); 17 native htmlEndOutput(); 18 native htmlWrite(text[], htmlize=false);18 native htmlBR(); 18 native htmlBeginTable();18 native htmlEndTable();

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