The Greenfield Holiday Parade IS BACK!

The Greenfield Holiday Parade IS BACK!

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twigs; remove the egg cases by pruning off the pick-axe and plant them in the snow .. thinks 24 hours of Green Eggs and Ham is a serious use of 

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Page 8 The Homepage November 2013 Community Elects Four New GCA Board Members By Patrick HassettActing President Th e Gr een fi el d Commu ni ty As s o ci a t i o n he l d i t s An n u a l meeting on Saturday October 19 2013 at the Greenfield S eniors Center Over 50 Greenfielders were in attendance to hear about t he a ch i evemen t s of th e GC A during its first year of operation a n d el e c t f o ur n e w B o ar d o f D ir ec t or me mb er s Th e GC A Ann u a l R e po r t , o u tl i n in g th e organization’s activities for the last year is available for download at wwwgca p gh o rg COREY J DEASY ELLEN GULA MITCH MARGARIA Elec tion officia ls Kate and Mary instruct a vote r on proc edures during GCAs a nnual meeting and board e le ctions Welcome and congratulations to Corey J Deasy, Ellen Gula, M i t c h M a r ga r ia a n d S te p h e n Z e i gl e r , GCAs n e w Bo a r d me mb er s Th ey j o i n P at r i c k Hass ettIt erim P reside nt, Br ett W iwio wa ra In te ri m S ec re ta ry, Kate HickeyInterim Treasurer, M ar y Be rn a ck i an d D avid M Howe Thanks also to Michael Dolinger, Ke vin Z o l l man a n d S te p h e n Zumbrun for their commitment to Gr e e nf i e l d a nd h e l p i ng GC A c o n t in u e t o gr o w a vib r a n t co mmun ity Last ly, tha nks to everyone who came out to vote S eventy six ballots were cast STEPHEN ZEIGLER On F riday, December 6 th at 7 p m, t he Gre e n f ie l d Ho l id a y P a r ad e wi l l r e t u r n to t h e n e i ghb o r h

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