The Good Behavior Game

The Good Behavior Game

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implemented by teachers in typical classrooms, by specialists in the library and physical game, place a number of your choice into the magic card” envelope.

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The Good Behavior Game Implementation & Procedures Workbook Developed by: Cynthia M Anderson & Billie Jo Rodriguez University of Oregon 2 The Good Behavior Game Background The Good Behavior Game (TGBG) is an evidence based prevention intervention that is founded on over 40 years of scientific research TGBG has been shown to decrease discipline problems, increase student learning, and reduce the likelihood of drug/alcohol us e, aggression, and other problem behaviors over time TGBG has been implemented by teachers in typical classrooms, by specialists in the library and physical education settings, and by behavior support personnel in classes for students with disabilities T he game has been well received by teachers and students alike and is considered relatively easy to implement within an instructional routine It is important to remember that TGBG is not a curriculum but a daily application implemented during regular instr uction Purpose The purpose of TGBG is to increase student social and academic success without costing additional instructional time It is likely that by implementing TGBG and focusing on preventing problem behaviors and encouraging appropriate socia l behaviors you will find yourself with more time to teach while your students have more fun learning The idea is that students exhibit behaviors to which we pay attention, and TGBG helps you to encourage behaviors you want to see by paying attention to them (and ignoring minor behaviors that you don’t want to see) In addition, TGBG will be directly linked to the school wide behavioral expectations, which may help both you and your students experience increased success Basing your behavioral expectations for TGBG on the school wide expectations may help students generalize their appropriate behaviors across settings Additionally, you will be supported by an implementation coach, who will support you in the implementation of the game The components of TG BG implementation include: 1 Materials 2 Developing Expectations & Rewards 3 Teaching TGBG to Students 4 Playing TGBG Materials 3 In addition to your regular instructional materials, you will need a few materials for TGBG • The Good Behavior Game Tally Chart (templ ate provided): This chart is for you to record student points/smileys for appropriate behavior and make note of problem behaviors that interfere with instruction The positive behavior space is larger, as that is where you should focus your attention during instruction— catching students being good The Tally Chart also has a place to write your name/group ID, date, behavioral expectations, and rewards the students earned • Envelope with “Magic Number Cards” : Place up to t en cards (eg, numbered 6 to 15) into a storage envelope o If you are going to determine the magic number each day before the game, place a number of your choice into the magic card” envelope Each day prior to beginning the game o If you will not know the number prior to the end of the day, simply keep all the numbers in the storage envelope At the end of the day, you or a student draws a number from the envelope to identify the criteria o Either way, the chosen number will serve as the minimum number of positives the students need to ea rn to

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