The Anglican Communion Covenant - Questions and Answers

The Anglican Communion Covenant - Questions and Answers

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have more. Why? Because love, friendship and influence are things that only exist by This process is described in the answer to question 7 below. 4.

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Oklahoma Bank and Commerce History Project a program of the Oklahoma Historical Society Interview with Ben Walkingstick BancFirst (formerly Union National Bank) of Chandler, 11/22/2010 Interviewer: Michael J Hightower Audio taped and transcribed by MJH MJH: It is Monday, November 22, 2010, and I am with Ben Walkingstick at Union…well, BancFirst, but I didn’t want to say that, but I will… BW: I have a hard time saying it MJH: BancFirst, in Chandler, Oklahoma So thank you for coming back from a de er hunt BW: You’re welcome I need to come back anyway My wife… MJH: It’s time to come back anyway Tell me, if you will, about your family, and how they got involved in the banking business, and if you want to go back and talk about some of the territ orial lore from Hoffman, Charles and Conklin and so forth, then have at it BW: I don’t really know too much about that, except Hoffman, Charles and Conklin had, I think, 23 small grocery stores, or dry goods or mercantile stores, in new towns that they opened up in Oklahoma As they opened their stores, they put a little bank in every one of them So, at one time, I think they had 26 locations Union Bank was one of them They did a good job of taking care of banking, through the thirties and everything, and survived many problems like we have in the banking industry every ten years, it seems like MJH: Were those locations just in Lincoln County? BW: I think most of them were in Lincoln They were probably in Pott [Pottawatomie], Lincoln, and I imagine… I think they had a bank in the Sapulpa area, and the Bristow area, along what is now 66—the old 66 highway MJH: You mentioned that it was a tragedy, what happened to that bank What did you mean by that? BW: You mean the First National? MJH: I thought you were talking about the old Hoffman, Charles, and Conklin… Oklahoma Bank and Commerce History Project Interview: Ben Walkingstick BancFirst (formerly Union National Bank) of Chandler 2 BW: No, I was talking about the First National in Oklahoma City, about when it went down in the eighties MJH Well, since you were talking about that, I don’t mind going back and forth What w as your involvement with that? What was your take on it? BW: My take on it was just that they couldn’t really respond to the OCP (the Office of the Comptroller’s Office) It was satisfactory, and after a while, they just decided to forget about it At tha t time, we had loans —were participating in loans with First National—and it was pretty tragic, trying to buy those loans out of the bank, put up with the Office of the Comptroller’s people who were hired to close the bank and disburse all the assets It wa s a pretty miserable time Of course, the eighties were tough here in Oklahoma, just like it was in Texas and Louisiana and Colorado You know, we had some tough times I think the Comptroller’s Office —the people I dealt with —didn’t have a lot of common se nse We had to charge off loans, and I think all the loans we

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