Tennant Biomodulator® PLUS

Tennant Biomodulator® PLUS

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Bioterminal modes, chakra modes, acupuncture meridian modes, visual . $25.00. For those who are sensitive to the frequency signals; this Electrodes, Hand Grips, Conductive Garments and. Wraps. Call for questions regarding shipping, installation and service. Cosmic Pipe w/ internal well -.

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Senergy Medical Group: Tennant Biomodulator ® PLUS and PRO Optional Attachments & Other Products; Revised 11/19/2014 1 Tennant Biomodulator® PLUS , Tennant Biomodulator® PRO , Optional Attachments and Other Product s Catalog D ECEMBER 201 4 Applying the Tennant Biomodulator ® PLUS or Tennant Biomodulator ® PRO 20 device directly on the skin is optimal; however, these attachment s and conductive garments extend the functionality of your device These high qua lity electrode attachments are de signed with convenience in mind (Compatible for use with Tennant Biomodulator ® PLUS SlimLine and Tennant Biomodulator ® PRO ) Product Retai l Price Description Picture DEVICES Tennant Biomodulator ® PRO 20 (Item No TPRO 2) $5,5 00 Senergy Medical Group is proud to announce the 2014 Tennant Biomodulator ® PRO 20 Designed primarily for medical practitioners, alternative therapy practition ers and Russian micro current users, this device is like having three devices in one The PRO 20 includes a back lit digital read out for more pr ecise measurements and use in low light It has the newer 4 Pin accessory port More than 6 0 pre set modes , some which feature b iofeedback technology Frequency sets include all the original Tennant Biomodulator ® modes in addition to the Bio terminal modes, c hakra modes, acupuncture m eridian modes , visual a cuity modes, pain management modes, Solfeggio s ound fre quencies , 783 Harmonics, b rain wave modes, t oning modes, PG2500 modes, to name a few Includes Dr Tennant’s SCAR frequency Four self programming modes allows user to control their own output characteristics 1 year ltd manufacturer’s warranty NOTE: Purchase price includes one admission ticket to Integrative Health Conference & Biomodulator Training , Healing is Voltage Handbook, Quick Start Guide, Quick Start DVD, and Healing is Voltage DVD Tennant Biomodulator ® PLUS (Item No TBPS) $2,750 Our original Tennant Biomodulator ® PLUS device is still a great choice for home users and as a second device in a clinical practice Want to step up to the PRO? Gift your standard Biomodulator to your parents, grandparents, or children heading to college or o ut on their own The Tennant Biomodulator ® has been our standard device for over 8 years and continues to be an excellent selection Includes the Tennant frequency sets of Assess, Ten 8, Infinity and Automatic Now with the new 4 Pin accessory port 1 y ear ltd manufacturer’s warranty NOTE: Purchase price includes one admission ticket to Integrative Health Conference & Biomodulator Training , Healing is Voltage Handbook, Quick Start Guide, Quick Start DVD, and Healing is Voltage DVD Biotransducer Crysta lWave RUBY RED (Item No BT02) [Package Pricing Available if purchased in conjunction with Tennant Biomodulator ® PLUS or Tennant Biomodulator ® PRO Call Senergy for details Must be purchased at time of order to qualify for discount] $3,000 Biot ransd ucer Technology is a new approach to health care for the 21st century This hand held, no touch unit is powered by your Tennant Biomodulator ® Addresses the underlying cause of pain and inflammation without drugs or invasive medical procedures Using Th e Tennant Biomodulator ® PLUS or the Tennant Biomodulator ® PRO as a power source, the Biot ransducer plugs into the accessory port and transports the Biomodulator frequencies on a carrier wave into the tissue through skin and bone No skin contact needed Can be used through clothing or bandages 1 year ltd manufacturer’s warranty NOTE: BT CONNECTION WIRE IS

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