Tailgate/Toolbox Topics - California Department of Industrial

Tailgate/Toolbox Topics - California Department of Industrial

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safety meetings are required by Title 8, Sections . The purpose of meeting on this topic is to make sure rules are enforced before an accident can happen.

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Jobsite tailgate and to olbox safety meetings are proven methods of prevent ing accidents, illnesses and on- the-job injuries . The safety meetings can be as brief as 10 or 15 minutes in length, and provide the opportunity to implement your Injury and Illness Prevention Program and improve the safety culture at your jobsite. Tailgate or toolbox safety meetings help employees to recognize and eliminate jobsite hazards. Why Have T ailgate Safety Meetings? If you work in the tunneli ng and c onstruction i ndustries, tailg ate safety m eetings are r equired by Title 8, Secti ons 84 06 and 1509 of the California Code of Regulations. W hile tunne ling and constructi on are t he only industrie s that specifically require tail gate safety meetings, al l Ca lifornia employers must have a safety progr am that inclu des employ ee training in safe work practic es (32 03 ). Ta ilgat e/to olb ox safety m eetings can be us ed to add res s ac tual problems on the job or in t he work area. T he supe rvisors or foremen leading the m eeting c an draw on workers’ own real life experiences , and use th ose ex peri ences to remi nd all employ ees – es pecially ne wer ones – of the da ngers of worki ng with particular ki nds of machi nery, tools , equipment and m aterials. Title 8, California Code of Regulations, Secti on 1509(e) states: Supervisory emp loyees sha ll conduct "toolb ox" o r "ta

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