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Backup Optimization with Midrange Virtual Tape

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disk cache-physical tape solutions • Deduplication capacity is 10-15x smaller per TB protected • Reduced power consumption and cooling with less storage footprint

Explicit Filtering Based Low-Dose Differential Phase Reconstruction Algorithm with the Grating ...

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2Department of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China. 3Department of Radiology, Beijing Tongren Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine. Volume 2015, Article ID 623236, 7 pages .. quantum noise and electronics noise. 3. Experiments and Results.

Form 10-Q filed by News Corp with SEC

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HarperCollins owns more than 120 branded publishing imprints, including Harper, William Morrow, HarperCollins Children's Books, Avon, Harlequin and. Christian publishers Zondervan and Thomas Nelson, and publishes works by well-known authors such as Harper Lee, Patricia Cornwell, Chip.

Condensation and Wetting Behavior on Surfaces With Micro

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Surgical hand disinfection with a propanol-based hand rub

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Surgical hand disinfection with a propanol-based hand rub: equivalence of shorter application times. G. Kampf a,b,*, C. Ostermeyerc. , P. Heeg d. aBODE Chemie GmbH C49 40 54006 128. E-mail address: [email protected] . each volunteer, the logarithmic reduction factor. (RF) was 

Sentence complexity in children with autism and specific language impairment

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LANGUAGE IMPAIRMENT by subgroup of children who have pragmatic impairments as defined by their autism diagnosis but who show no structural language impairment.

Speech and Language Services for Students with Emotional

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moderate-severe language impairment In students with a communication impairment, 50-75% of them exhibit emotional often have difficulties in pragmatic language.

MSci Physics with Theoretical Physics

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MSci Physics with Theoretical Physics. This document provides a intended as a reference point for prospective students, current students, external examiners and academic and support MSci programme allowing students to specialise in areas of advanced mathematics and theoretical physics up to 

Towards NLG for Physiological Data Monitoring with Body Area Networks

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This position paper presents an on-going work on a natural language generation framework that is particularly tailored for summary text generation from body area networks. We present an overview of the main challenges when considering this type of sensor devices used for at home monitoring of 

With Installation Instructions for the Installer Pumped Solar

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water heating systems help to reduce our nation’s dependence on polluting fossil fuels, minimize the greenhouse gas emissions associated with

Harnessing the power of water with ABB / References - contract completion >=2011

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ABB Power Systems / Power Generation - October 2014. Harnessing . Column5. Aswan High Dam .. overhaul of governor hydraulic system. 2013.


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RESPONSIBILITY WITH SOVEREIGNTY IN PROTECTION OF. FORESTS. Striking a Balance between Global Approach to Protection of Forests and Sovereignty of States. University of Oslo. Faculty of Law. LL.M Thesis in Public International Law. Supervisor: Christina Voigt. Candidate number: 8002.

EMC NetWorker Design Best Practices with Data Domain

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3 Each NetWorker server instance is supported by multiple self‐managed relational databases (resource, client file index and media) and various

Measuring Pragmatic Language in Speakers With Autism Spectrum

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Pragmatic language impairments in children with autism have been noted since the earliest descriptions of this con-dition (Kanner, 1943). For example, communication of

pragmatic and grammatical properties of subjects in children with specific language impairment

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LANGUAGE IMPAIRMENT JEANNETTE SCHAEFFER [email protected] [email protected] pragmatic impairments may be a) secondary consequences of SLI; b)