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is Google useful in Presence of other Information?

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The recent surge in big data may largely help in forming these predictions. Particularly ing purpose, and forecast the US jobless initial claims and employment. Then I data flow. Handbook of Economic Forecasting, 2, 195-237.

Other useful THOL library guides

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More than Textbooks for Academic Excellence Tun Hussein Onn Library Sunway Education Group No.5 Jalan Universiti Bandar Sunway 46150 Petaling Jaya

Useful Lies: The Twisted Rationality of Denial - Joerg Friedrichs

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“Denialism has already killed. AIDS denial has killed an estimated 330,000 South Af-ricans. Tobacco denial delayed action to prevent smoking-related deaths.

Trustworthy, Useful Languages for Probabilistic Modeling and Inference

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Unfortunately, very few of these languages have mathematical by using functional programming theory to define them mathematically and prove Lastly, I thank my God and Savior, whose justice and mercy make life meaningful and beautiful. 2.1.1 Discrete Probability and Joint Distribution Models .

August Cascade Welcome to your monthly Cascade containing important and useful information ...

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August Cascade. Welcome to your monthly Cascade containing important and useful information for sharing with your colleagues. Ideally, information in Cascade information or visit the staff webpages at dmu.ac.uk/staff award-winning Indian and British Asian artists tells the true story of Sampat Pal

Useful Information about Mexico

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Useful Information about Mexico Weather: Average temperatures range between 25° C to 30° C Currency: Bills come in denominations of 20, 50, 100, 200,

How Useful Are Today’s Parallel Computers? David H. Bailey NAS

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processors and four gigabytes of memory, and an Intel iPSC/860, with 128 i860 processors and one gigabyte of memory. Additional systems are to be acquired in 1992

amphibian asymmetry, a useful tool

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LEAF WASHING AS AN ASSESSMENT TOOL. TO CHARACTERIZE DRY Key words: environmental quality, leaf-washing water, incinerator plant, enrich- ment factor, flux of pollutants aussi bien ponctuelle (par exemple, incinération de déchets (WIP), artisanat) et diffuses (par exemple routes, 

Designing Useful Tools for Developers

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learned new strategies or processes [7]? Due to these challenges, examples can be highly effective for explaining a tool's features and usage, they 

How useful is the term 'Culturally and Linguistically Diverse' (CALD)

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Thus, CALD is typically synonymous in the literature with the term Non-English Speaking Background (NESB), and they are distinguished from their Anglo-Australian and Indigenous English-speaking counterparts. In some circumstances, the term " CALD " is used to describe Australia " s cultural 

Lanthanide complexes of macrocyclic derivatives useful for medical applications

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Lanthanide complexes of macrocyclic derivatives useful for medical applications*. Rita Delgado1,2,‡, Judite Costa3, Krassimira P. Guerra1, and. Luís M. P. Lima1. 1Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica, UNL, Apartado 127, 2781-901. Oeiras, Portugal; 2Instituto Superior Técnico, Dep. de Q

Is Stereotype Threat a Useful Construct for Organizational Psychology Research and Practice?

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stereotype threat outside the laboratory, par- ticularly in organizational settings. Indeed, the field of industrial–organizational (I–O) psychology has been rather inattentive to the topic of stereotype threat (for a notable exception, see Roberson & Kulik, 2007). One exception to the general

Is manipulation of mediastinal chest drains useful or harmful after cardiac surgery?

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Is manipulation of mediastinal chest drains useful or harmful The studies by Issacson et al., Lim-Levy et al., and Pierce et al. were included in a 

DEPARTMENT OF STATISTICS Giving Useful Feedback to Students

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Giving Useful Feedback to Students – Guidelines for Markers . With regards to positive feedback, intuitively praise for good work will result in an

synthesis, characterization, and preliminary application of new biocompatible nanogels useful as ...

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Introduction. In this PhD thesis, the synthesis, characterization, and preliminary bio-applications of . NMR transverse relaxation measurements were carried out to study the morphology of the nanogel Recipes and reaction conditions used in the batch emulsion polymerizations of nanogels using.