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Page 1 SPEECH THERAPY SWALLOWING Page 2 42 MASA: The Mann Assessment of ...

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8 = Cough attempted but bovine, hoarse in quality. 5 = Attempt inadequate. 2 = No attemptſunable to assess. Evaluation of laryngeal functioning with specific emphasis on vocal quality. Task: Grade: Ask the patient to prolong an /ah/sound for as long as possible. Ask the patient to slide up and dow

Swallowing Disorders

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contraction or reduced laryngeal elevation, lying down may eliminate the aspiration. mouth also alerts the CNS to initiate oral activity for a swallow in 

Utility of Clinical Swallowing Examination Measures for Detecting Aspiration Post-Stroke

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Nutritional status was derived from the medical chart based on the evaluation of a registered dietician. Dieticians rated the patients' nutritional status as normal, mildly compromised, moderately compromised, or severely compromised based on a complex array of factors, including diagnoses indica-.

Relations between oral pharyngeal size and kinematic measures of tongue related swallowing ...

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ticulatory movements associated with speech production (Honda, Maeda, Hashi, healthy male and female speakers of American English.

The biomechanical coordination during oropharyngeal swallowing

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Although the oral and pharyngeal phases of swallowing are presented sequentially, the physiologic reality is that both of the phases are integrally related3,4. Physiologically, the transmission of the bolus through the oral and pharyngeal cavities involves a series of systematic biomechanical motor

Hyoid Movement During Swallowing in Older Patients With Dysphagia

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ObjectivesTo describe the timing, coordination, and extent of hyoid movement in a population of older adults with dysphagia and to evaluate the effect of videotape for playback and analysis using a videocassette VHS recorder and player (model 1380; Sony Corporation of America, New York, NY).

Effects of Oral Sensory-Motor Treatment on Swallowing in Adults

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ASHA's National Center for Evidence-Based Practice in Communication Disorders • December 2011. Evidence-Based Systematic Review: Effects of Oral Sensory-Motor Treatment on. Swallowing in Adults. Cathy Lazarus. NYU Langone Medical Center, New York, NY. Heather Clark. Appalachian State 

Clinical measurement of swallowing in health and in neurogenic dysphagia

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swallowing—average volume per swallow (ml), average time (s) per swallow and swallowing capa- reduced swallowing capacity and reduced average volume per swallow; repeatability studies on these two indices .. bolus size for thin liquids. Dysphagia 1989; 4:1-3. 18. Jones DV, Work CE. Volume 

79 year old with Difficulty Swallowing - Henry Ford Hospital

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esophageal candidiasis: a radiographic spectrum. RadioGraphics 7 (2):289-307. Title: Microsoft PowerPoint - Candida Esophagitis - GI GU.pptx Author: AZAHODN1

Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing for Infants in the NICU

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to creating and implementing a FEES program in the NICU. 3. compromise have been seen.” (Willging & Thompson 2005) ✓LOS is a “real” issue. ✓Rice cereal for thickening formula. ✓Gelmix for EBM (>42 weeks and 6 pounds). ✓We have our own recipes for thin/half- nectar/nectar/honey 

RT FOR HNC 1 Physiological changes to the swallowing mechanism following

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1. Physiological changes to the swallowing mechanism following (chemo)radiotherapy for head and neck cancer: A systematic review. Laurelie R. Wall BSpPath (Hons). Division of Speech Pathology, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, The University of Queensland, St Lucia, QLD Australia