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Computer-Based Stereoscopic Parts Recognition for Robotic Applications

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of ionizing radiation where most customary sensors will degrade over time due application of computer vision is inspecting the degree of air pollution V. Challenges for Image Segmentation and Object Recognition . loaded from an in-board flash memory into an Advanced RISC Machine (ARM) 

Methods for producing stereoscopic imagery

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production time, Python tools were developed both for Maya and Nuke. Finally, the . 3.2.3 Maya stereo camera system 3.6 Stereo attributes . system muscles to accommodate the 3D effect, which can sometimes cause visual.

Stereo camera geometry 2-1-09 - 3DTV - Stereoscopic Television and

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2 2 eyestrain. This is basic knowledge in stereo photography, photogrammetry, and machine vision and has also been mathematically demonstrated for the stereoscopic

State of the Art in Stereoscopic and Autostereoscopic Displays

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announced single lens 3-D projector named CF3D from. LG Electronics (Seoul .. full resolution 2-D/3-D OLED display prototype with fast switching 


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metric mainly contains three components: 3D-DCT transform, asymmetric stereo video, multi-view video coding (MVC), mixed resolution stereo 

Autodesk Solutions for Efficient 2D to Stereoscopic 3D Conversion

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Autodesk Digital Entertainment Creation Solutions Autodesk® Flame® Premium software. 3D visual artists can hand paint depth information.

An optimized web-based approach for collaborative stereoscopic medical visualization

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Objective Medical visualization tools have traditionally been constrained to algorithms, a wide range of supported stereoscopic presentation Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial (CC BY-NC 3.0) license, which.

Design and Implementation of Capturing, Transmission, and Display of Stereoscopic Video in DV ...

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Keywords. Digital video, DV, stereoscopic display, multicast, packet reflector, IEEE- . pixel in RGB colour scheme and 25 is the number of frames per second. reduce the bitrate to the target value of 25Mbps. The DC and AC coeffi-.

Efficient Hybrid Image Warping for High Frame-Rate Stereoscopic Rendering

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classified as a surface if all eight collinearity tests (marked as red lines) with the adjacent pixels can be efficiently implemented using a mipmap pyramid for storing . pyramid. Holes and the foreground object dissolve in higher levels because only non-hole pixels and pixels with a depth larger

High Resolution Elevation Data Derived from Stereoscopic CORONA Imagery with Minimal Ground ...

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is difficult to obtain. Introduction the University of Durham, Department of Geography, South. Road .. display. A feint regular grid pattern was identified when the . year time difference and physical changes to the landscape. It was also .. to Bob Taft of Leica Geosystems for providing the panora

Use of Random Dot Patterns in Achieving X-Ray Vision for Near-Field Applications of Stereoscopic ...

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Nanjing Tech University. Use of Random Dot Patterns in. Achieving X-Ray Vision for. Near-Field Applications of. Stereoscopic Video-Based. Augmented Reality Displays. Abstract. This article addresses some of the challenges involved with creating a stereoscopic video augmented reality ''X-ray vision'

Full-reference quality assessment of stereoscopic images by modeling binocular rivalry

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3. The proposed framework for 3D quality assessment. an observer's mind when . elts; the stereo views used to synthesize to the cyclopean view.

The Stereoscopic Cinema: From Film to Digital Projection

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free image and requires the use of scopic movie projection in the U.S. screening of the movieMAR S,at the Selwyn Theater on Broadway in New

Stereoscopic 3D Video in the Home - SpectraCal Display Calibration

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can work for watching 3D movies, or when they ask you for recommendations for purchasing new 3D video equipment, do you feel comfortable with your answers?

3D Stereoscopic Game l Development

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GeForce 3D Stereo Settings End Users Can Configure !Depth Amount setting represents the maximum stereo separation, which is applied to far objects.