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Common, unsightly and until now undescribed: Fumiglobus pieridicola sp. nov., a sooty mold ...

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Abstract: Sooty molds (Capnodiaceae) are sapro- trophs on the surfaces of leaves, and they take their nutrients from honeydew exuded by sap-sucking insects. We describe and illustrate the sooty mold. Fumiglobus pieridicola sp. nov., which, to the dismay of gardeners, forms a thick black mycelial 

Gordona hydrophobica sp. nov., Isolated from Biofilters for Waste Gas Treatment

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turen. For analysis of cellular fatty acid composition, G. hydrophobica was grown on TSB agar (3% [wt/vol] Trypticase soy broth [BBL], 1.5% [wt/vol] Bacto Agar. [Difco]) for 4 days at 28°C. For biochemical examination, G. hydrophobica was harvested from GYM agar (0.4% [wt/vol] D-glucose, 0.4% [wt/

Approved 2-18-16 (SP)

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Beck, Theodore Collins, Kim Krieg, Patrice Walker, Rich Bloom, Tim Lobodanscu, Min Lu, Hui Zhao, Francis Grodroux, Jin Wu, Stephanie. Sims 

protease production by penicillium sp. lcj228 under solid state fermentation using groundnut ...

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after which enzyme yield was reduced (Table 1). Statistical analysis also showed that 2 g/kg inoculum size was significant at 5% level. When the amount of mycelium increased, it rapidly consumed majority of the substrate for growth, hence decreasing enzyme synthesis (Carlile et al. 2001; Sathya et

Mycobacterium confluentis sp. nov.

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It did not produce nicotinic acid, hydrolyze Tween, or have benzamidase, isonicotinamidase, succinidamidase, and arylsulfatase activities. A mycolic acid analysis revealed a simple, unique pattern. The organism is susceptible to antituberculotic drugs. A comparative 16s rRNA sequence analysis place


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Geosmithia morbida sp. nov., a new phytopathogenic species living in symbiosis with the walnut ...

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Abstract: Widespread morbidity and mortality of. Juglans nigra has occurred in the western USA over the past decade. Tree mortality is the result of aggressive feeding by the walnut twig beetle (Pi- tyophthorus juglandis) and subsequent canker devel- opment around beetle galleries caused by a filam

Description of Microvirga aerophila sp. nov. and Microvirga aerilata sp. nov., isolated from air ...

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Two bacterial strains, 5420S-12T and 5420S-16T, isolated from air samples, were characterized using a polyphasic approach. closest neighbour, 'Balneomonas flocculans', was isolated from a hot spring (Takeda et . using the neighbour-joining. (Saitou & Nei, 1987) and maximum-parsimony (Fitch,.

SP RAPP 2006_30.indd

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the competitiveness of wood products compared to other non-renewable building materials that do not . based products by classification testing and by fire safety engineering means for large-scale A separate Appendix to this final report with detailed test and modelling results is also available [4

Decontamination of Chlorella sp. Culture using antibiotics and antifungal cocktail treatment

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microalgae, Chlorella sp., bacterial contamination, fungal contamination, ampicillin, cefotaxime, carbendazim, cocktail. INTRODUCTION. In nature, Chlorella sp. can be found coexist with bacteria and fungus. These microscopic entities may live with Chlorella sp. as lichens, facultative or parasitic

Calcarisporium cordycipiticola sp. nov., an important fungal pathogen of Cordyceps militaris

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4Guizhou Key Laboratory of Agricultural Biotechnology, Guizhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Guiyang 550006, P.R. China. *Corresponding authors: Kevin D. Keywords: Fungicolous fungi, Hyphomycetes, Caterpillar fungus, Ascomycota, Medicinal mushroom. Introduction. Cordyceps militaris 

SP 1200SF Guida dell'utente

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Prima di utilizzare il prodotto, leggere attentamente il presente manuale e conservarlo in un posto sicuro in caso di riferimenti futuri. Per un uso corretto e sicuro, leggere le informazioni importanti contenute nel presente manuale prima di utilizzare l'apparecchio. Caricamento carta e documenti

Increased biomass production and glycogen accumulation in apcE gene deleted Synechocystis sp ...

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Ancy Joseph1†, Shimpei Aikawa1,2†, Kengo Sasaki3, Fumio Matsuda4,5, Tomohisa Hasunuma3,6 and Akihiko Kondo1,5,7* antenna truncation by deleting the apcE gene was effective for increasing biomass production and glycogen bioethanol was produced directly from the cyanobacter-.

Structural features of the vesicle of Frankia sp. CpI1 in culture

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Structural features of the vesicle of Frankia sp. CpIl in culture JOHN G. TORREY AND DALE CALLAHAM Cabot Foundation, Harvard University, Petersham, MA, U.S.A. 01366

Picomonas judraskeda Gen. Et Sp. Nov.

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stereotypic cycle of cell motility (described as the ''jump, drag, and skedaddle''-cycle). They consist of two a posterior part housing vacuoles/vesicles and the feeding apparatus, both parts separated by a large vacuolar cisterna. From serial .. The P. judraskeda full length rDNA operon was obtai