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Defended versus undefended home range size of carnivores, ungulates and primates

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Thus, a defended range can potentially be smaller than an undefended range and yet provide the same amount of resource per indi- vidual. Although others have proposed that undefended home ranges are larger than territories (e.g. Alcock 1975;. Wilson 1975; Mitani and Rodman 1979; Mace et al.

Mechanistic Analysis of a DNA Damage-Induced, PTEN-Dependent Size Checkpoint in Human Cells

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Cambridge, Massachusetts 021384. Received 19 November recapitulated the lack of size checkpoint control seen in PTEN / cells. Taken together . each survey scan were acquired in the linear ion trap. MS-MS spectra were.

Size structures sensory hierarchy in ocean life

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of prey, mates and predators [2]. Here, we examine the means by which this information is gathered by marine pelagic organisms, that is, their sensory ability. In par- ticular, we wish to understand relationships between the size of an organism and the usability of the various types of senses. Inde

From spiking neurons to interacting neural populations of finite size

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spike-history effects in single-neuron dynamics such as refractoriness and adaptation interact with Methods, Sec. “Power spectrum”). Mesoscopic equations capture refractoriness. Our theory describes the interplay between finite-size fluctuations and spike-history effects. The most prominent.

Quantifying CALL: significance, effect size and variation

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The inevitable variation in effect sizes can be attributed in principle either to the research methodologies (both primary and secondary) or – more interestingly – to real-world phenomena. Keywords: meta-analysis, research synthesis, effect size, variation, CALL synthesis. 1. Primary studies an

Size Selective Assembly of Colloidal Particles on a Template

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Size Selective Assembly of Colloidal Particles on a Template by. Directed Self-Assembly Technique. Binni Varghese,†,‡ Fook Chiong Cheong,† Swaminathan Sindhu,‡,§ Ting Yu,|. Chwee-Teck Lim,‡,⊥. Suresh Valiyaveettil,‡,§ and Chorng-Haur Sow*,†,‡. Department of Physics, Faculty of S

Leaf Cell Number and Size

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Key words: Helianthus annuus, leaf expansion, leaf cell number, leaf cell size, nitrogen, leaf growth, sunflower. INTRODUCTION nor did they determine the developmental windows for cell division and expansion (0lcotyledons) of target leaves was 8 (L8, expt 1), 10 (L10, expt 2) and 10 and 11 (L10 

Relations between oral pharyngeal size and kinematic measures of tongue related swallowing ...

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ticulatory movements associated with speech production (Honda, Maeda, Hashi, healthy male and female speakers of American English.

Bringing Cathedral Ceilings Down to Size

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gourmet kitchen and the ideal great room with a soaring stone fireplace and a cathedral ceiling. Murray Arnott designs custom log homes throughout North America.

The recrystallized grain size piezometer for quartz: An EBSD-based calibration

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2011] implemented within the open-source MTEX toolbox for MATLAB (http://mtex-toolbox.github.io/). We. allow full interpolation of the data (to fill in all Monophase layers composed of quartz, plagioclase or K-feldspar are present in all samples. The plagioclase-rich layers consist of grains 6-10

size: 18 point

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metrology data allowed us to diagnose a 40 μrad misalignment in the incident angle of the first mirror, which had occurred during the experiment. Good agreement between the reconstructed wavefront obtained from the X- ray data and off-line metrology data obtained with visible light demonstrates.

How to select the proper seat size - Horse Supplies | Horse Tack

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How to select the proper seat size . Australian saddles are measured differently to Western or English saddles. Below is a guide to the size you will need in an

Confidence Limits and Sample Size for Determining Nonhost Status of Fruits and Vegetables to ...

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FORUM. Confidence Limits and Sample Size for Determining Nonhost Status of. Fruits and Vegetables to Tephritid Fruit Flies as a Quarantine Measure. PETER A. FOLLETT1. AND MICHAEL K. HENNESSEY2. U.S. Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center, USDA–ARS, P.O. Box 4459, Hilo, HI 96720.

60- to 120-Size Strut Ready Retractable Gear

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Fähigkeiten und die Fitness des Verbrauchers für einen bestimmten Einsatzzweck bern und RC-Cars sind extrem aufwendig und müssen deshalb vom Dieses Produkt darf nicht zusammen mit anderem Abfall entsorgt werden.

The Federal Government Debt: Its Size and Economic Significance

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The Federal Government Debt: Its Size and Economic Significance Summary After being in surplus between FY 1998 and FY2001, the federal budget has now