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Research Note Approximate Oracles and Synergy in Software Energy Search Spaces

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tionary optimisation of software systems requires a better understanding of the energy search landscape. changes the control flow of getProperty to include a call to sample. between direct and indirect measurement and contend with the cost of taking a measurement, since running a program.

A Search For Alien Artifacts On The Moon

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moon would be used during some lunar missions of the future. contemporary in the context of modern plans for exploration and colonization of the moon.

Mobile Search Engine Optimization Parts 2 & 3: Requirements and Growth

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Mobile search is now poised for a substantial shift into mainstream usage, Mobile Search Engine Optimization Parts 2 & 3: Requirements & Growth 9

A proposed architecture for a semantic search engine

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The order in which these results are ranked is also substantial. is a crawlerbased search engine that makes use of multi- -crawlers to collect resources from both

SEARCH Civil Action, Criminal Action, Judgments, - Livingston County

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james culbertson livingston county clerk livingston county government center 6 court street, room 201 geneseo, new york 14454 phone: (585)243-7010

Using Semantic Analysis to Classify Search Engine Spam

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much in common. Search engine spam is a largely technical task in that spammers are trying to get their results placed as highly as possible. Thus

Search Strategy with Video

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SUNCOAST HOSPICE Search Strategy with Video Challenge Suncoast Hospice is the nation's largest not-for-profit, community-based provider of hospice and palliative care.

2013 GMAC Global Graduate Survey Report 01, Job Search: Class of

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Europe: Job-seeking women with 3–6 years of work experience who attended school in Europe received a slightly higher post-degree salary boost

Google Book Search and the Future of Books in Cyberspace

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See Brief for Internet Archive, supra note 16, at 22. 13 new browser, email, and social networking tools. With this suite of resources, Google

SEARCH MAIN PAGE Israel hits back after deadly bombing

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CNN Headline News CNN International askCNN EDITIONS CNN.com Asia CNN.com Europe set your edition I left, 'Don't go out today to the city, there is a bomb warning.'

Search: Title 7 BUSINESS LICENSES Contents Chapter 7.14 LICENSE FEES*

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Los Angeles, California County Code Search: Contents Los Angeles, California County Code Preface Charter Title 1. General Provisions Title 2. Administration

Planning Design Automation - DiVA - Simple search

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Planning Design Automation A Structured Method and Supporting Tools In this research work, the technology supported design cycle (left in Figure

Search Vox: Leveraging Multimodal Refinement and Partial Knowledge

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Search Vox: Leveraging Multimodal Refinement and Partial Knowledge for Mobile Voice Search Tim Paek, Bo Thiesson, Y.C. Ju, Bongshin Lee Microsoft Research

The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Social Search Engine

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need, the challenge in a social search engine like Aardvark lies in finding the right person to satisfy a .. the Routing Engine prioritizes can- didate answerers in such a way so as to optimize the chances are historically active at the present time-of-day, and who have not been contacted recently

Search PubMed for - Thymus Therapy

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All Databases PubMed Nucleotide Protein Genome Structure OMIM PMC Journals Books Cited by 1 PubMed Central article Patient Drug Information » See all 5 drug