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Postoperative Outcome of 37 Patients With Lobar Intracerebral Hemorrhage Related to Cerebral ...

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Eleven intracerebral hematomas were small, 13 medium, and 13 large. Twenty-three intracerebral hematomas were lobular, 8 irregular, and 6 round. Five CAA-related ICHs (14%) perfo- rated the ventricular wall. Thirteen patients (35%) had pro- gressive ventricular dilatation, and all 13 patients with

Pregnancy related issues in inflammatory bowel disease

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matory bowel disease; Crohn's disease; Ulcerative colitis . ronidazole use[45,46]. Quinolones can induce congenital ab- normalities in animals due to their accumulation in bone and cartilage[47]. In 2 human studies totalling over 250 patients .. Pregnancy outcome for women with Crohn's disease: a.


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Payero. The indictment charges Rodriguez, Caraballo, and Payero with one count of conspiracy, Freddy Caraballo-Del Rosario Bronx, New York 19

Command Quick Guide R12 – 2006 Related Command functionality

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AutoCAD Productivity AutoCAD Command Quick Guide Appendix [ ] - 1 Notes: All rights reserved by HyperPics LLC for the material and contents.

Equity and Equity related Securities - UTI Mutual Fund India

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1 VALUATION POLICY FOR SCHEMES OF UTI MUTUAL FUND Introduction : SEBI vide Gazette Notification no. LAD-NRO/GN/2011-12/38/4290, dated February 21, 2012 amended

Falls and Fall-Related Injuries in Older Dialysis Patients

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Vancouver, British Columbia, †Division of Clinical Decision-making & Health Care, Toronto General Research. Institute, and In community-dwelling seniors without kidney disease, falls commonly predict .. cAble to complete the activity of daily living only with help from another person. dE.g., bat


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Four pairs of animals were fed the basal diet plus 5 per cent n-tyrosine ton M. Hardy and Dr. Thomas H. Jukes of the Lederle Laboratories Division, Ameri- . 4 We wish to thank Dr. Thomas H. Jukes of the Lederle Laboratories 

Identification of Key Drought Stress-Related Genes in the Hyacinth Bean

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responses of this plant to water deficiency and other abiotic stresses. [4]. Drought has a significant in hyacinth bean under drought stress at the seedling stage of the plant. In this study, we .. glycine-rich protein play a role in cell wall maintenance and repair Wrote the paper: LMY BW. Refer

How to be Successful in First-Year Anatomy-Related Courses

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it was found that the admonition that 'practice makes perfect' was not . Dr. Peterson received a Bachelor of Arts degree in biological sciences from 

Orthonormal Polynomials, Related Orthonormal Functions and the

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Orthonormal Polynomials, Related Orthonormal Functions and the Hilbert Spaces they Span Herman J. Bierens December 5, 2008 1 Orthogonal Polynomials

Concept of Technical Areas and Related Competencies

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Approach to defining required competence for each technical area, based on the combination of: (i). Educational background;. (ii). Direct or related work experience in the relevant field;. (iii). Successful validation/verification experience;. (iv). Training;. (b). Differentiation between —comple

Characterization and Comparison of Combat-Related Injuries

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distinctions between the front lines of battle and the rear eche- lons.2,3 The asymmetric and irregular nature of these conflicts have generally placed military women at relatively greater risk for injury than they have faced in previous conflicts. In addition to the increased exposure to danger as

Ukraine-Related Sanctions

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with Russia, Including for Certain Deep Water, Arctic Offshore and . depositary receipts, bonds or other forms of securitized debt, and any other.

Yale Child Study Center and Yale College Autism and Related Disorders

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Child Study Center 350 - Psychology 350 Yale Child Study Center (entrance at 230 S. Frontage Road, make a right, take . spelling, grammar). 5.

Towards a multidisciplinary approach to understand and manage obesity and related diseases

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Clinical Nutrition xxx (2016) 1e22. 2. Please cite this article in press as: Bischoff SC, et al., Towards a multidisciplinary approach to understand and .. improved survival when compared to being “normal-weight” (BMI [34] Barros AF, Borges NA, Ferreira DC, Carmo FL, Rosado AS, Fouque D, et al