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Maintenance and Rehabilitation Systems of Infrastructures Management

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Maintenance and Rehabilitation Systems of Infrastructures Management. – 92 –. 2 Analysis of the Condition Monitoring Data of Trial. Sections. Although the systematic (yearly) sufficiency rating provides a kind of information about the performance of our national highway network of 30 000 km tot

Biological Soil Crust Rehabilitation in Theory and Practice

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Biological soil crusts (BSCs) are ubiquitous lichen–bryo- phyte microbial backbone of restoration theory, and to discuss the prac- tical aspects of modeling is a useful method for estimating the potential .. Quantitative predictive models can be used to calculate .. and Biochemistry 8:497–503

Impact of Cultivation Legacies on Rehabilitation Seedings

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Alternatively, our results suggest that crested wheatgrass seedings can be affected by cultivation legacies, depending on site-specific factors. The hypothesis that community assembly of some native species in old fields can be hampered while recovery of others can be facilitated by cultivation leg

Cardiac rehabilitation II: referral and participation

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Cardiac rehabilitation II: referral and participation. Sherry L. Grace, Ph.D.a,*, Susan E. Abbey, M.D.b,*, Zachary M. Shnek, Ph.D.e . in the five years before admission to CICD. Total number of events/losses were summed for a CR six months post discharge from CICD. 4. Results. 4.1. Sex differences

A Premier Orthopedic Rehabilitation Institute

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A Premier Orthopedic Rehabilitation Institute. First Name: Last Name: DOB: Ethnicity (Italian, Polish, etc.): Race: Caucasian. African Am. Lupus SLE. Immune Deficiency Disease. Frequent Infections/Cold. Food Allergies. Environmental Allergies. Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. Latex Allergy. Other

The Polytrauma Experience: Clinical Practice Guidelines for Cognitive-Communication Rehabilitation

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systems, one of which may be life threatening, resulting in physical, cognitive, psychological, or psychosocial impairments and functional disability. TBI frequently occurs in polytrauma in combination with other disabling conditions such as amputation, auditory and visual impairments, SCI, PTSD, a

Rehabilitation and Complex Continuing Care Capacity Plan

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In the North West Local Health Integration Network. (LHIN), the above average burden of chronic diseases and musculoskeletal disorders, combined with a widely dispersed population, present a unique challenge to providing equitable access to high quality rehabilitative care. In order to meet this 

Towards Earlier Discharge, Better Outcomes, Lower Cost: Stroke Rehabilitation in Ireland

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Research Institute (ESRI) and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI). September 2014 ESRI and, in particular, colleagues in the former Health Research and Information Division at the. ESRI. We wish them acknowledged and addressed in national strategies: the National Cardiovascular.

Musical training as an alternative and effective method for neuro-education and neuro-rehabilitation

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Biomedical Research Institute, Barcelona, Spain, 3 Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Parc de Salut Mar, Keywords: neuro-rehabilitation, neuro-education, music training, music therapy, stroke rehabilitation, language . striatal areas together with increasing GM density over areas.

The Thabina irrigation scheme in a context of rehabilitation and

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Prospective analysis and local empowerment .. participatory scenario-testing approach, using the model, in order to The total operational costs (fixed and The current water charging system in place covers 68% of these costs The Thabina irrigation scheme, like any farming community, is not 

Fact Sheet #1 Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Classification Requirements

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The IRF PPS was implemented for cost reporting periods beginning on or after . the inpatient rehabilitation admission but have the potential to improve with more Threshold Compliance Requirement under the Presumptive.


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This chapter describes the state of the art in shotcrete as a repair material for large concrete structures. It relies mainly on English language literature available in North America. The chapter focuses Apply shotcrete to the required line and grade and tolerance detailed in the drawings, using

Musical training as an alternative and effective method for neuro-education and neuro-rehabilitation

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2003; Serniclaes et al., 2004) and relies on the ability to categorize speech sounds on the basis of extremely short timing differences. The voice onset time .. rehabilitation program may vary depending upon the facilities or the countries. Thus, an accurate description of the exercises performed b


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GRASP Laboratory, University of Pennsylvania. 3401 Walnut Street , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania cesses or stages we believe to be essential for rapid design and prototyping (Kumar et al., 1996) of .. munication protocols (relying on Unix streams and TCP/IP calls) between separate processes are 

Gait rehabilitation machines based on programmable footplates

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Controlled trials in stroke and SCI patients, however, failed to show a superior result when compared to walking exercise on the floor. Locomotor therapy is a fascinating new tool in rehabilitation, which is in line with modern principles of motor relearning promoting a task-specific repetitive ap