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The Great Mirror of Fandom: Reflections of

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fans of pop culture) in Japanese anime and manga from 1991 until the present. otaku researcher and founding member of the animation studio Gainax, .. the changing attitudes about otaku, something echoed by other scholars, 

Nonprofit and Nongovernmental Studies: Reflections on Institutional Placement, Structure and ...

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David Renz, Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership, University of Missouri influenced by institution type, center placement (e.g., business, public .. (Goetz 1993, Keyes et al 1996, O'Regan and Quigley 2000, Vidal 2002). and markets fail to satisfy the heterogeneous needs of consumers 

Reflections in Voice and Writing

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got advice about those plans, wrote, made the wrong deci- sions, shared my . our students in what philosopher Soren Kierkegaard (cited in Greene, 1977) . for “fun ways” to teach grammar or learn how to sing vowels correctly.


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developed by Robert Trivers in the early 1970’s. It But Trivers also recognized that a reciprocal relationship would only last as

Reflections on Electricity, Modernization, & Identity in the New South

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network, the Internet, and the like are complex historical entities. Telling . Optimism, spectacle, progress these were strange intruders .. 20 Official Guide to the World)s Columbian Exposition (Chicago: The Columbian Guide newspaper reported in 1895, as Atlanta prepared for her own exposition,.


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dictionary defines “planning” as 1 : a method or scheme for achieving or doing . will win the Runner-Up Prize: a one-year lease on a Porsche Cayman. (In the event of a tie . Community Association Manager. New Access System.

Biblical Reflections on Co-Creating with the Redeemer

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meaning of celibacy from these eschatological sayings of Jesus, and discusses a topic ward begetting and educating children; warnings against lust toward one's spouse as .. 24, however, "The Gospel 'innovation;'. Pope John 

Reflections on the Obstacles to Social Inclusion of Roma in Serbia

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Abstract. The authors explore the discourses around the exclusion of the Roma in Serbia in two dimensions: social welfare sector and media reports. The paper is structured around the presentation of dimensions contributing to multiple deprivation of Roma in society (from education to labor market 


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Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (Ramchal), noted, each individual has a unique path in serving God.24 Regardless of the particular path chosen, however,

Industrial ecology: Reflections ona colloquium

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Industrial ecology also implies concern with equity, not onlyovertimebutalso as the currentnetworkofproduction and consumption distributes goods and bads.

Redalyc.Revisiting Argentina's Recuperated Factories - Reflections on Over a Decade of Workers ...

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Revisiting Argentina's Recuperated Factories - Reflections on Over a Decade of Workers'. Control. Desafíos, vol. 27, núm. 1, julio-diciembre, 2015, pp. 185-205 . characterized the uprisings in Cutral-Có and Neuquén, quickly spread . For an in-depth analysis of the recuperated enterprises in the

Reflections on Reduction, Holism, and Mereology Mark F. Sharlow

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Rethinking Wholes and Parts: Reflections on Reduction, Holism, and Mereology Mark F. Sharlow

I Got the Shotgun: Reflections on The Wire Prosecutors, and Omar

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William “Bunk” Moreland that he targets Barksdale‟s crew because of its practice game.”18 19Even Bunk has to concede, “A man must have a code.”

Reflections on the Limitations of Standard Informed Consent Procedures for the Conduct of Ethical

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access to some lineages and households than others, despite the fact that they have all consented to me conducting research in the community. The behavioural consent provided – or not – by individual participants is only the smallest in a nested range of scales at which consent is offered. In m

This American Copyright Life: Reflections on Re-equilibrating Copyright for the Internet Age

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This article calls attention to the dismal state of copyright's public approval rating. Drawing on the format and style of Ira Glass's “This American Life” radio broadcast, the presentation unfolds in three parts: Act I – How did we get here?; Act II – Why should society care about copyrigh