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Pragmatism, Quasi-realism and the Global Challenge

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– 2 – the argument mentioned above, premissed on semantic minimalism, in a way in which more ambitious forms of expressivism (or pragmatism) are not.

DCE Cradle: Simulate Network Protocols with Real Stacks for Better Realism

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use case: the Datagram Congestion Control Protocol. (DCCP) [5] model with Linux kernel via DCE Cradle. The DCCP was proposed to provide congestion con- trolled unreliable datagram for real-time applications such as video streaming. Actually, it is a mature pro- tocol as several operating systems 

Ch. 21, Pop-Art and Europe's New Realism

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to reexplore the riches of the spaceetirne equation investi- gated by Braque and Picasso in .. big-city energy, and broad, slapstick humor (fig. 21.22)- 

From Socialism to Realism: India’s Tryst with Destiny

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From Socialism to Realism: India’s Tryst with Destiny From Socialism to Realism: India’s Tryst with Destiny Surjit S Bhalla Oxus Investments

Realism and the Constructivist Challenge

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International Organization 51 (1997); Barry Buzan, "The Timeless Wisdom of Real- .. too does the psychological, cognitive window of opportunity to move .. See also his discussion of Jean Piaget's stages of cognitive and moral 

Critical Realism in the Social Sciences, Agency and the Discusive Self sommaire articles recensions

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In this paper I discuss how critical realism in economics can help under-labouring for an alternative economic and John Maynard Keynes' thinking which are relevant for understanding the Cambridge reasoning (as in Immanuel Kant's critical, but idealist, approach). The question is not only how must


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Hans Morgenthau's (1948) influential formulation of realism drew upon actual US decision to wage war and undo the consequences of German and 

From Mission Idealism to Operational Realism

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Page 1. Maren Eline Kleiven. 'From Mission Idealism to Operational Realism' types of IPRMs paint a picture of an international arena torn between idealism and realism, one characterised by a of hijacking, routines in term of radio communications, and other practical stuff. We were also given 

“Gamic Realism”: Player, Perception and Action in Video Game Play

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games is dependent on the player's embodied experience of synthetic sense-data lacking physical reality, while for having a world, I argue that gamic realism is always . comparisons between video games and cinema. In fact 

Existentialism and the Politics of Tragic Realism In

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Kierkegaard than it is for Friedrich Nietzsche or Jean-Paul Sartre, in all cases it is serve the basic requirements of equilibrium and the restraint of harm. opposition, an opposition to a scientific approach to human life which 

Exhibition Wall Text, “Richard Estes' Realism," Smithsonian American Art Museum

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John Wilmerding. The accompanying catalogue is supported by: Photographs are the foundation of Richard Estes' art practice. He uses them as the 

Catholic Legal Thought's Response to Legal Realism

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DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN LAW 201, 201 (Roger K. Newman ed., 2009). 5. legal scholar–Realist debate: Catholic criticism of Justice Holmes.

Realism, Antirealism, Irrealism, Quasi-Realism

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Delivered in Oxford on June 2, 1987. CRISPIN of reality, which it falls to the traditional philosophical methods of critical reflection. 25 . Since this conception builds no epistemic constraints into the factors that deter- .. projectivist/quasi-realist research program with respect to modal idio

American Literary Realism and Mark Twain's Early Fiction

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Since American realism rejected romantic and working class notions of love and hero worship and the portrayal of dissolute living, it introduced literary realism remains quintessential to American folklore gauged by the .. incantation,” a fairy tale prognostication and “the culmination of his