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Digestive utilisation of protein and amino acids from raw and heated lentils by growing rats

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Ignacio Ferna´ndez-Fıgares,. 2. Carlos Prieto,. 2. Luis Pe´rez. 2† of 10 animals was fed a low-protein (4%) diet and used to estimate metabolic nitrogen and amino acid excretion. Autoclaving caused a 76% The nutritional significance of legumes as an abundant and economic source of dietary 

Testosterone enhances estradiol's cardioprotection in ovariectomized rats Aiying Liu1, #, Liping ...

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All surgical procedures were performed under anesthesia with incubated at 37°C in tri-gas incubator equilibrated with 94% N2 + 1% O2 + 5% CO2.

Effects of Static Magnetic Field Exposure on Serum Electrolytes and Tissues Histology in Albino Rats

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1.8.6 Effect of static magnetic field on fertility and reproduction. 18. 1.9 Justification. 20. 1.10 Objectives. 20. Chapter 2: Materials and methods. 2.1. Materials. 21. 2.1.1. Experimental animals. 21. 2.1.2. Blood sample collection. 21. 2.1.3. MRI machine. 21. 2.1.4. Roche 9180 electrolyte analy

antiulcer activity of laghusutashekhara rasa in albino rats by cold restraint stress modules

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ABSTRACT. In present era peptic ulcer is a worldwide problem and its prevalence is quite high in India. Some present data shows that in different part of. India its occurrence is 4 to 10 % per thousand populations. The exact etiology of peptic ulcer is not known, the disease results in chronic suff

Androgenic effects of aqueous and methanolic extracts of Ficus asperifolia in male Wistar rats

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androgenic effects of aqueous and methanolic extracts of F. asperifolia in normal and androgen deficient imma- ture rats. Since we also hypothesized that F. asperifolia could bind to the cytoplasmic or nuclear testosterone receptors, a powerful androgen receptor antagonist, bicalutamide, was also u

Developing tTA Transgenic Rats for Inducible and Reversible Gene Ex- pression

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Dox dose-dependently suppressed tTA-activated gene expression. The washout time for the .. tTA transgenic rats gained body weight at comparable.

Retinal Degeneration in Rats Induced by CI-1010, a 2-Nitroimidazole Radiosensitizer

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Keyvords. Anticancer; nitroimidazole: radiosensitizer; rat; retina: retinal degeneration; toxicity A 2-nitroimidazole anticancer compound, CI- 1010, has 9 HBr. I---I. FIG. 1 .-Chemical structure of CI-1010 designated as (R)-a-([(Z-.

How to Identify and Control Rats & Mice

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Pipe and wire chases. • Cracks The house mouse usually makes a nest in stored materials indoors, but can that often follow along a wall or fence.

Results of Long-Term Carcinogenicity Bioassay on Vinyl Acetate Monomer in Sprague-Dawley Rats

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INTRODUCTION. Vinyl acetate monomer (VAM) is an important compound in the plastics industry. started in the United States in 1928.1 VAM is produced mainly by two processes: (1). In a process . grate from plastic material into wine27 and water.28 Based on this, the use of VAM- based polymers 

Protective effect of Tribulus terrestris linn on liver and kidney in cadmium intoxicated rats

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Department of 1Pharmacology & Toxicology and 2Veterinary Pathology, NTR College of Veterinary Science,. Gannavaram 521 administration of ethonolic extract of T. terrestris or vitamin E along with Cd significantly reversed the Cd induced changes bioaccumulates in the upper levels of food chain.

Proliferative autoimmune glomerulonephritis in rats

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Departments of Medicine and Pathology, University of Virginia Health Sciences Center, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. Proliferative . 104/well. Con A was used as concentration of 4 sg/ml as a positive control. All cultures were incubated at 37°C in a humid. 5% C02/air incubator for 72 hours.

the effect of naltrexone on nicotine-induced conditioned place preference in rats

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experiment, naltrexone did not block nicotine place preference. were conducted using GraphPad Prism version 6.0 for Windows (GraphPad. Prism 

Drug substitutes for training in rats, inducing a memory of safety

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Google Custom Search RSS feeds | Newsletter NEWS BOILING POINT — McDonald's recalls Shrek glasses due to potential cadmium risk — The U.S. Consumer Product Safety

(Syzygium cumini) seed and fruit extract attenuate hyperglycemia in diabetic rats

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Please cite this article as: Raza A, Butt MS, Haq I-U, Suleria HAR, Jamun (Syzygium cumini) seed and fruit extract attenuate hyperglycemia in diabetic rats, Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine. (2017), doi: 10.1016/j.apjtb.2017.07.006. This is a PDF file of an unedited manuscript that has

Muscle protein waste in tumor-bearing rats is effectively antagonized by a beta 2-adrenergic ...

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since it induces in the host a rapid and progressive muscle . tein turnover in rats bearing a cachexia-generating fast-growing tumor. 70:487-509.