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EGGG: Automated programming for game generation

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might imagine, and these similarities were used to create a universal game engine called EGGG, the with the rules of a game, and the rules are rendered into an actual computer game ready for play EGGG allows game designers to create actions that will be triggered at particular times. These two 

Evaluation of a programming toolkit for interactive public display applications

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1. INTRODUCTION. Public digital displays are moving towards open display networks open display network, applications will be developed by third European Union by FEDER Program and by FCT training grant Companion.


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As programming environment, until recently FORTRAN and C/C++ have been the usual choice but now MATLAB and even JAVA are becoming 1 INTRODUCTION. Today the finite element method (FE) is highly popular numerical technique employed in modeling scientific and engineering problems.

Reviving Integer Programming Approaches for AI Planning

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Department of Industrial Engineering. Arizona State Leeds School of Business. University . we had used a single dummy atom ON(x, ∗) to replace.

Programming as an Experience

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a chance to talk about this underlying inspiration, to review the project, and to . the message + to the object 3, with 4 as argument. 1 SPARCstationTM is a trademark of SPARC International, licensed exclusively to Sun Micro-.

The Effect of Learning Objects on a C++ Programming Lesson

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It has been accepted for inclusion in Communications of the IIMA by effect of using LOs in a computer programming lesson is reported. and software tools, among others) there is not yet a definite solution and . The “memory” section, to show the state and contents of variables and data structu

Dynamic programming for parsing and estimation of stochastic unification-based grammars

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a training corpus. This paper describes a graph-based dynamic programming algo- rithm for calculating these statistics from the packed UBG parse Dynamic programming techniques have been applied to log-linear models before. Lafferty et al. (2001) mention that dynamic programming can be used 

The Application Layer: Socket Programming I

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Application Layer 2-12 Example app: TCP client from socket import * serverName = ’servername’ serverPort = 12000 clientSocket = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM)

Programming and Parallelising Applications for Distributed Infrastructures

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thread creation and synchronisation, messaging, data partitioning and transfer, etc. On the other hand, In that sense, this thesis contributes with Java StarSs, a programming model and runtime system An example can be found in Figure 2.6(a), line 1, where a task method sam-. pleMethod is called.

Bongo: A Kids’ Programming Environment - Microsoft Research

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3 Bongo: A Kids’ Programming Environment for Creating Video Games on the Web by Andrew B. Begel Submitted to the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer

CTL : A Platform-Independent Crypto Tools Library Based on Dataflow Programming Paradigm

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hardware modules, and 3) design space exploitation such as automatic parallelization for multi- and .. qhasm compiler tools. EU Project CACE deliverable D1.3, Revision IEEE 96(10), 1588–1605 (2008). 12. Ali, H.I.A.A Nikhil, R.: Tutorial – BlueSpec SystemVerilog: Efficient, correct RTL from hig

Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Extension Booking API Programming Reference Guide

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By using the Cisco TMSBA, users can book video resources from their own booking application. Systems can be read from Cisco TMS using the remote service API of the Cisco TMSBA to import and/or display them in the booking application. One type of API usage is to make a front-end GUI utilizing the 

OC11C: Advanced Topics in C Programming - Education Program for

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Pointer Variables in C, Pointers and Function Arguments, Pointers and Arrays, Pointer Arithmetic, Increments and Decrements, Dynamic Allocation • Files and Records


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Michael Nicolas, cello) and mezzo-soprano Anne Sofie von Otter in a . C-sharp minor, Op. 131. BRAHMS Psalm 13, “Herr, wie lange,” Op. 27.

EEL 4730 Programming Embedded Systems

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constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, Embedded system coding issues. Grading. Scale: A.