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Pharyngeal Wall Floppiness: A Novel Technique to Detect Upper Airway Collapsibility in Patients ...

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sor. Moreover, PWF was calculated from the difference of pharyngeal cavity volumes under positive and negative pres- sures divided by the sum of the volumes under positive and negative pressures. The measurements were conducted on a group of 7 subjects weekly over 3 consecutive weeks to eval-.

Mechanical effects of genioglossus muscle stimulation on the pharyngeal airway by MRI in cats

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991 Maloney Building, 3600 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104, United States . on pharyngeal airway size and function in paralyzed, anes-.

Relations between oral pharyngeal size and kinematic measures of tongue related swallowing ...

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ticulatory movements associated with speech production (Honda, Maeda, Hashi, healthy male and female speakers of American English.

Cancer Smoking and Drinking in Relation to Oral and Pharyngeal

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A case-control study of oral and pharyngeal cancer conducted in four areas of the United Administration. Registry data on oropharyngeal cancer from prior years .. David Main for computer support, Louise Hanson for field supervision, and Susan Privot eral Communications Commission. 1986. 4.

4) Pharyngeal Abscess

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the oesophagus and posteriorly by the anterior layer of deep fascia over the The patient looks ill, toxic and febrile and complains of difficulty in 

Mechanical parameters determining pharyngeal collapsibility in patients with sleep apnea

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evaluate parameters of the “tube law” on pharyngeal pressure-flow relationships and collapsibility in patients with obstructive sleep apnea.