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Design and Development of a Medical Parallel Robot for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

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such applications, and a detailed analysis has been performed for the 3-PUU TPM involving the issues of kinematics, dynamics, and control. In view of the physical constraints imposed by mechanical joints, both the robot-reachable workspace and the maximum in- scribed cylinder-usable workspace are 

Verification of Parallel Programs with the Owicki-Gries and Rely-Guarantee Methods in Isabelle/HOL

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in terms of the specifications without any need for additional information about the implementation of . to a limited class of programs. Initially, model-checking was restricted to finite-state systems of moder- . an inductively generated element we refer to this proof principle. Statements that we

Parallel Psalter

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strength: thou brakest the heads of the dragons in the waters. (14) Thou brakest the heads of leviathan in pieces, and gavest him to be meat to the people inhabiting the wilderness. (15) Thou didst cleave the fountain and the flood: thou driedst up mighty rivers. (16) The day is thine, the night al

R, Rcpp and Parallel Computing

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Workshop for Distributed Computing in R multicore / snow / parallel even work on Windows. Hundreds .. Education: Parallel Programming is hard.

Parallel Computing with R

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Parallel. 1 / 132. Parallel Computing with R. Paul E. Johnson1. 2. 1Department of Political . needed. Our nodes have small hard disks, so be cautious with this. Why use SNOW or others that sit “on top” of Rmpi? SNOW may 

The Mantis Parallel Debugger

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ging, allowing a single environment for both sequential and parallel debugging. Mantis currently runs on the Thinking Machines Corp. CM-5 and on networks of workstations and is built using a. Tcl/Tk graphical user interface linked to a modi ed version of the Free Software Foundation's gdb debugger.

MapReduce and parallel DBMSs - Microsoft Gray Systems Lab

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Jan 2, 2010 64 communicATions of THe Acm. | jANuARy 2010 | Vol. 53 | No. 1. tHe MApReDUCe7 (MR) pARADiGM has been hailed as a revolutionary 

IDLI: An Interactive Message Debugger for Parallel Programs using

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level debuggers do not have views or data pertaining to the big picture, containing all the nodes, which help a developer, analyze and locate the exact source of

Data-Parallel Computing Meets STRIPS

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The increased demand for distributed computations on big data has led to solutions such as SCOPE,. DryadLINQ, Pig, and Hive, which allow the user 


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After employing some of the most effective pair filters, several billions of pairwise alignments remain to be computed even for modest input sizes of N ≈ 106. The most rig- orous way of computing a pairwise alignment is to use optimality-guaranteeing dynamic programming algorithms such as 

Parallel and Distributed ComputingParallel and Distributed Computing

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Parallel and Distributed ComputingParallel and Distributed Computing Chapter 1: Introduction to Parallel Computing Jun Zhang Laboratory for High Performance Computing

Parallel and Distributed Computing Course Description

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Spring 2010, EE 657, USC Parallel and Distributed Computing Class Hours: MW 10: 30 – 11: 50 am VHE 206 Office Hours: MW 9 am – 10:20 am; 12

Extraction of Translation Unit from Chinese-English Parallel Corpora

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translation unit, some prior processing of the corpus is necessary. These include alignment of the bilingual texts at sentence level and unilingual annotation of the Chinese and English texts respectively. (2)Identification of multi-word unit in the aligned the texts. As we mentioned before, transl

Parsing in Parallel on Multiple Cores and GPUs

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the loops and using an optimised matrix-algebra package (Guennebaud et al., 2010), but these did not improve parsing speed. Developing OpenMP versions of the baseline and factored CKY algorithms is relatively straightfor- ward. The main technical challenges in parallelising the CKY algorithm are 

The performance of the MATLAB Parallel Computing Toolbox in specific problems

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Abstract—In this work, we present the performance of three different parallel computing approaches of the MATLAB Parallel. Computing Toolbox. In particular, we use the command “parfor”, the command “spmd” and the technique “scheduler”. The comparison of the three approaches in terms o