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A Survey on Parallel Computing and its Applications in Data-Parallel Problems Using GPU ...

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1 Department of Computer Science (DCC), Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile. 2 Centro de Estudios Email addresses: [email protected] (C. A. Navarro), [email protected] (N. Hitschfeld) sidered a programming model itself) and has been used for frameworks such as Hadoop.

Efficient Time-Energy Execution of Data-Parallel Applications on Heterogeneous Systems with GPU

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Systems, Proc. of 3rd International Workshop on Dataflow Execution Mod- els for Extreme Scale .. hand, explicitly programming in C/C++ with OpenMP, OpenCL, CUDA and. MPI, and handling fault . programming mod- els and languages, such as pthreads, OpenMP and MPI, put the burden of de-.

Components and interfaces of a process management system for parallel programs q

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can be made scalable to jobs involving thousands of communicating interface between process managers and parallel libraries and how this .. experiments on Chiba City, a Linux testbed for parallel computer science research.

A Parallel Corpus of Music and Lyrics Annotated with Emotions

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In this paper, we introduce a novel parallel corpus of music and lyrics, annotated with emotions at line level. We first Unlike analog devices, MIDI.

Parallel Inclusion-based Points-to Analysis

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mines what a pointer variable may point to during the execu- tion of a program. The results of this analysis are useful for program optimization, program verification, debugging insensitive points-to analysis is known as inclusion-based or Using these ideas, we implemented a parallel Java version

Parallel Adaptive Simulation of Multi-dimensional Detonation Structures

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Parallel Adaptive Simulation of. Multi-dimensional. Detonation Structures. Von der Fakultät für Mathematik, Naturwissenschaften und Informatik .. multi-dimensional sub-structures and do not remain planar. But the same model is studied by linear stability analysis by Buckmaster and his collabora-

In-Database Raster Algebra and Image Processing: Parallel

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Parallel Transport of Deformations in Shape Space of Elastic Surfaces

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Statistical shape analysis develops methods for com- parisons, deformations geodesic paths using either shooting or path-straightening method, (2) transferring .. along the direction of the velocity vector dF dt . As mentioned.

Why Parallel I/O Software and Moore's Law Enable Virtualization and Software-Defined Data ...

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data, the needs of business-critical tier 1 enterprise applications, such as . The virtual server revolution largely driven by VMware and Microsoft 

an efficient Java parallel environment on a large-scale heterogeneous cluster

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2006; 18:1541–1557. Published scheduler based on TRS can make any idle node obtain a task from another node with much fewer stealing times than . runtime environment communication layer. PVM-like and MPI-like message passing interface resource manager and task scheduler tasklet tasklet.

Roberto Casarin, Stefano Grassi, Francesco Ravazzolo and Herman K. van Dijk Parallel ...

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Abstract This paper presents the Matlab package DeCo (Density Combination) which is based on the paper by Billio et al. (2013) where a constructive Bayesian approach is presented for combining predictive densities originating from different models or other sources of information. The combination 

Estimation of Query-Result Distribution and its Application in Parallel-Join Load Balancing

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Abstract. Many commercial database systems use some form of statistics, typically histograms, to summa- rize the contents of relations and permit efficient estimation of required quantities. While there has been considerable work done on identifying good histograms for the estimation of query-resul

Proof, Parallel and 1 Perpendicular Lines

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proof. MATH TERMS 0059-064_SB_Geom_1-7 Practice UNIT 1 Unit 1 • Proof, Parallel and Perpendicular Lines 83 Unit 1 • Proof, Parallel and Perpendicular

Collision of almost parallel vortex filaments

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We consider the system introduced by Klein, Majda and Damodaran .. this will be performed by perturbing an exact parallel solution of (1) by the.

Nanolevitation Phenomena in Real Plane-Parallel Systems Due to the Balance between Casimir ...

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A 2006, 359, 406−411. (11) Svetovoy . (46) Folks, W. R.; Pandey, S. K.; Pribil, G.; Slafer, D.; Manning, M.;. Boreman Waves 2006, 27, 1553−1571.