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Dia-BEAT-it: An online game for children and teenagers with type 1 diabetes

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monster,” a small, green creature that can be “cheeky and defiant” or “gentle make the program more “playful” and “rewarding,” and the company 

Asynchronous Discussions and Assessment in Online Learning

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Assessment in Online Learning Selma Vonderwell "enables groups that are separated in time and space to engage in the active production of shared knowledge"

OASIS: Online Active SemI-Supervised Learning

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as a soft version space, and like many active learning algo- olding and selection criteria are possible for online active learning (see Beygelzimer, Dasgupta,

Online Design Bug Detection: RTL Analysis, Flexible Mechanisms, and Evaluation

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alyze the actual design bugs found and fixed in a commercial chip- e r e d. D e sig n. B u g s. 1.2 Design Bugs per Month. Processors with higher resource . bugs, we propose a novel distributed online bug detection mech- anism.

Interaction Design for Online Video and Television

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Interactive TV; online video; interaction design. ACM Classification not made or distributed for profit or commercial advantage and that copies bear this notice that exploit novel features, with an emphasis on social interactivity 

Presentation on Online Off Campus Counseling Process

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Steps of ONLINE OFF Campus Counseling Process (1) Documents Verification (2) Online Registration (3) Online Preference/Choice Filling and Part Payment

Online Appendix

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We conducted a set of agricultural trials over 6 seasons in Busia District, . our experiment, but the sample of farmers who use top dressing fertilizer 

How do I Submit an Attachment Online? Instructions for Uploading a

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How do I Submit an Attachment Online? After the filing process is complete (and your payment has been confirmed, if you paid a fee) , you will

Target Pharmacy $4 Program - Cultural Competence Online for

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target pharmacy $4 program 1 acyclovir 200mg capsule 30 albuterol 0.5% nebules 20 albuterol 2mg* tablet 90 albuterol 2mg/5ml syrup 120 albuterol 4mg* tablet 60

Startia Offers Secure Samba SaaS Online Storage at No Cost to

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March 25, 2011 Startia, Inc. President, Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer: Hideyuki Hongo (Security code: 3393 TSE Mothers) 【News Release】

Findings Abstract A Graphic Online Chat Environment to Improve the

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Findings Abstract A Graphic Online Chat Environment to Improve the Written Language of Students Who Are Deaf Albert Ingram, Ph.D., Kent State University

a study of verb used in an english news online website

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verb used analysis, English news, English learning Website. The native English speaking owner and writer uses contemporary English language vocabularies grammar, phrases and sentences in the next level of language use.

Live Online Professional Development in Mathematics

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Further Mathematics Support Programme Live Online Professional Development in Mathematics Innovative courses to enable teachers to teach A level Mathematics and A

VOICE: Online Delivery of

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VOICE : Online Delivery of Municipal Services in Vijaywada, India Abstract The Vijaywada Online Information Center (VOICE) delivers municipal services