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7.The Impact of Human Resource Management Practices on Organizational Performance

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Guinness Nigeria Plc and the fact that there is no clear single set of outcome on how specific HR practices impact on performance, the case study method

A study on components of internal control - based administrative system in secondary schools

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teachers. A package program was applied to analyze collected data for mean, and standard deviation. Evaluation of the goodness of fit of the CFA Model was done by Chi-square, CFI, TLI, RMSEA basing on the Thailand National Basic Education criterion, and 2) satisfaction of related people in the.

On the dynamic computation of the model constant in delayed detached eddy simulation

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compute the value of the model constant CDES, as used in the eddy simulation branch of Delayed Detached Eddy Simulation (DDES). Former DDES 

On the solution uniqueness characterization in the L1 norm and polyhedral gauge recovery

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gauge recovery. Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, Springer Verlag, 2016, 1 (1), pp.1-. 32. Keywords: basis pursuit - convex polyhedral function - gauge recovery - ℓ1 min- imization . and uniqueness (actually, example 3.5 will show that, without these restrictive conditions,. (1.1a

Effects of adjuvants on IgG subclasses elicited by virus-like Particles

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Subsequently, supernatants were clarified by centrifugation at 2,000 g for 15 min at .. J Virol. 2005, 79: 7059-7067. 10.1128/JVI.79.11.7059-7067.2005. Buonaguro L, Devito C, Tornesello ML, Schroder U, Wahren B, Hinkula J, 

Rules on the Fiscal Incentives Act of Bhutan 2017

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42. Rules on the Fiscal Incentives Act of Bhutan 2017. 90. Cupboard. 9403.60.90. 1 number. 91. SPA reception desk. 9403.60.90. 92. Coffee Table. 9403.30.00. 93. Coffee Chair. 9403.30.00. GYM FURNITURE( one time for all hotels )-no exemptions for furniture made of plastics. 94. Reception desk.

Exploring Sequences through Variations on Fibonacci

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Abstract: Leonardo Pisano's word problem, which led to the ubiquitous Fibonacci sequence, provides a marginal notes to connect Fibonacci numbers to the number of petals on flowers (Burger et al., 2011, p with the outcome determined randomly by a coin toss (heads = one pair, tails = no pairs),.

Charge of the New Red Brigade - The Independent on Red Action

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Charge of the New Red Brigade - The Independent on Red Action Article from The Independent on Sunday about socialist group Red Action, anti-fascism, the

The Effect of the Teacher's Worldviews on the Worldviews of High School Seniors

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2007 which seems to suggest the senior's worldviews moved more toward the faculty's worldviews. Senior's composite worldview scores showed increased biblical worldview understanding from 2006 to 2007 and reflected the faculty's worldviews. The study also found that teaching a course from a 

A psychological perspective on vulnerability in the fear of crime

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Social psychology and the fear of crime: Re-examining a speculative model. British Journal of Criminology, 40, 399-413. Farrall, S., Jackson, J. & Gray, E. (2007).

One-Arcsecond Line-of-Sight Pointing Control on ExoplanetSat, A Three-Unit CubeSat

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mulations indicate that a 1.4 arcsecond pointing precision (3σ) is .. origin are the tonal disturbances tied to the reaction wheel spin rate. 0. 100. 200. 300 .. sH e θ ω θ ω ε ga g. aT. -. +. = (15). This adaptation law results in a slower 


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A SURVEY ON SECURITY RISKS IN THE CONTROLLER AREA NETWORK. 1Monica Catherine Susairaj, 2Robert 2Department of Information Security and Assurance,. Harare Institute of Technology, done through the analysis of techniques and tools used to undertake these activities as well as 

The Effects of One-Dimensional Reasoning on Vocational Education

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Marcuse's view, critical thinking entails the ability to escape the physical, positivist truths of false instrumental reasoning on vocational learning, drawing upon Marcuse's critique to argue that NSCC . social movements which would “mobilize under a banner of “knowledge for the people” [an

Comparative Study on Natural Products Used for Pollutants Removal

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Corresponding Author:Gamila H. Ali, Water Pollution Research Department, National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt. and locally available natural material for water

An Empirical Study on the Mechanisms of Creativity in Visual Arts

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pictures. In the third step, we posit cognitive mechanisms underlying these micro-processes. Finally . As a result, I gave angel wings from the globe.