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Naropa University Course Descriptions for Fall 2015

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Course Description: A study of the disciplines of Western calligraphy and book .. Students in this course write and produce original digital stories and .. envisions Ultimate Reality as intertwined aspects of Shiva and Shakti. texts and commentaries, including sacred ritual, deity forms, mantra, y

Life and Teaching of Naropa

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gTsan-pa sl\!Iyon-pa'i He-ru-ka who according to tradition was one of the disciples of dPal Phag-mo . By Siva, Isvara, Vi~i:iu, by men and those th.at are not men;. Obedient to his Guru's word; refuge .. For three years Sutras and Mantras were studied and explained in the lecture halls. In the Sutr

Transpersonal Art Therapy Education - Home | Naropa University

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The field of transpersonal psychology was officially founded in 1968 by Abraham Maslow, Anthony Sutich and others. Often called the fourth force in psychology

An Overview of Transpersonal Psychology John Davis Naropa University

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Wilber (1999) on integral psychology and critiques to his work, such as those by Washburn (1995), have given transpersonal psychology a stronger and more substantial