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Programming of Host Metabolism by the Gut Microbiota

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Current knowledge. From a sterile gut at birth, a complex ecosystem evolves with the human host. As a result, there are 150-fold more bacterial genes than proved glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity, calorie restric- tion and .. reduces plasma endotoxin levels, adipose inflammation, adiposity

Cide Proteins and Lipid Metabolism

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Wong JS, Vale RD, Walter P, Farese RV. Functional genomic screen . Blasiole DA, Oler AT, Attie AD. Regulation of ApoB secretion by SNARE proteins mediate fusion between cytosolic lipid droplets and are implicated in insulin 

Provitamin A metabolism and functions in mammalian biology

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mammalian life cycle, it is not surprising that dietary vitamin A deficiency RE, retinyl ester; ROL, all-trans-retinol; ROS, reactive oxygen species;. RPE65 Glass A, Keogh JP, Meyskens FL, Valanis B, Williams JH, et al. Effects of a . Mein JR, Dolnikowski GG, Ernst H, Russell RM, Wang XD. Enzy-.

Social Urban Metabolism Strategies (SUMS)

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“the sum total of the technical and socio-economic processes that occur in cities, resulting in growth, production of energy, and elimination of waste” [4] organic household waste undergoing anaerobic digestion in landfill, reduces the emissions of methane as a greenhouse gas into the atmospher

the role of folate and vitamin b12 in neurotransmitter metabolism and degenerative neurological ...

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1~R13~AGO7501—01.. The workshop proceedings are presented in two parts: 1) synopses of six invited papers on current understanding and gaps in knowledge, and 2) recommendations on research approaches and priorities derived from working group discussions by workshop attendees.

Sterols, Especially Cholesterol and Phytosterols, in Human Metabolism

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hormones contribute to, for example, the regulation of gluconeogenesis. (glucocorticoids), sodium-potassium balance (mineralo-corticoids) and reproductive functions and differentiation of the sexes (sex steroids) among several other functions. In animals, cholesterol is converted to bile acids to s

skeletal muscle plasticity and energy metabolism

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ABSTRACT. Skeletal muscle is remarkable in its ability to adjust to our needs. It can change its energy stores and usage, as well as its total mass. Furthermore, skeletal muscle adapts to deactivate reactive oxygen species produced, which in turn can both damage cells and convey signals. The molecu

International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism

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International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ) and contributed buccal cell . In this sample, the overall proportions of individuals .. Lauderdale, D. S., Fabsitz, R., Meyer, J. M., Sholinsky, P., Ramakrishnan, V., & Goldberg, J.

Simulating Metabolism with Statistical Thermodynamics

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Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Group, Fundamental and Computational Sciences the use of statistical thermodynamics to model non-equilibrium reactions are discussed. this study is that each reaction occurs with a frequency For classical systems, the distribution of states are rooted in.

Circadian rhythms, sleep, and metabolism

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Circadian rhythms, sleep, and metabolism Wenyu Huang, 1,2 Kathryn Moynihan Ramsey, Biliana Marcheva, and Joseph Bass1,2 1Department of Medicine, Feinberg School of

Systems biology-based analysis implicates a novel role for vitamin D metabolism in the ...

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12Division of Preventive Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital and the Department of Ophthalmology, Harvard Medical School,. Boston, MA, USA. *Correspondence to: Tel: ю1 801 213 4052; Fax: ю1 801 581 5335; E-mail: [email protected] Date received (in revised form): 22 June 

Metabolic gradients as key regulators in zonation of tumor energy metabolism

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Metabolic zonation designates the finding that homo - typic cells in a tissue may comprise significant differ- ences in the capacity of specific metabolic pathways depending on their local access to nutrients and oxygen. Well-studied examples are hepatocytes or kidney cells, which may alternatively

Nutrient Metabolism

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cells in culture and be apparent before the development of Fifth Framework programme NUTRIX (QLK1–2000-00083), and the Scottish Ex- ecutive 

Impact of metabolism and growth phase on the hydrogen isotopic composition of microbial fatty acids

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metabolic pathways (each associated with different hydrogen isotopic fractionations) and subsequently used as the main H source in lipid biosynthesis (Saito et al., 1980; Robins et al.,. 2003; Schmidt et al., 2003). The analysis of the D-composition of microbial fatty acids may thus yield insights

Targeting cellular metabolism to improve cancer therapeutics

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metabolism inhibitors may represent a promising strategy to overcome drug resistance in cancer therapy. Recently, several acid synthase and glutaminase can enhance the efficacy of common therapeutic agents or overcome resistance to 'Glutamine addiction' results in enhanced production of