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Alternative Performance Measures

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This guide gives an overview of Storebrand's use of Alternative Performance Measures (abbreviated 'APM' hereafter) in its financial position, or cash flows, other than a financial measure defined or specified in the applicable financial reporting . conversion to a new mortality tariff in 2013, K20

Predictive Validity of Curriculum-Based Measures in the Reading Assessment of students who are ...

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Language Learner (ELL), is used to describe a group of students who are non-native English speakers a) Was not born in the United States or speaks a native language other than English; . using a common regression equation, oral reading fluency probes overpredicted the reading proficiency.

The t-metric Mahler measures of surds and rational numbers

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According to Theorem 1.4, the answer is 'yes' when α is a surd, although .. opposite signs, then f has precisely one root in the interval (−1,1). The.

Security zones and risk mitigation control measures

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The Metric System of Weights and Measures. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics ...

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rience the pleasure of discovering a new truth, but we can all par- ticipate in the process of casting off .. to reach heaven, a hyperbolic expression which means that they were possessed by arroganre stritlv.i the metric s stem. but *here I should like to describe the:' kel\ in-kilograd scale dev

Outcome measures in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

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questionnaires. The present review considers commonly used outcome measures such as lung function, health status, volume in 1 second (FEV1). However The relationships between changes in airway structure and measures of lung function require further investigation. Lung volumes. Relevance.

Final report on EBA Guidelines on the security measures for operational and security risks under ...

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The EBA and the ECB have also carried out a risk analysis to determine the main threats and vulnerabilities to which PSPs are exposed. These resultant Guidelines set out the requirements that PSPs should implement in order to mitigate operational and security risks derived from the provision of 

Relations between oral pharyngeal size and kinematic measures of tongue related swallowing ...

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ticulatory movements associated with speech production (Honda, Maeda, Hashi, healthy male and female speakers of American English.

How Does the Implementation of Counter Terrorism Measures Impact on Human Rights in Kenya ...

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This thesis explores the impact of counter terrorism measures on human rights in Kenya and Uganda. It that terrorism poses a special security challenge and suggests a reconsideration of the international human rights mould its attitudes in connection with a demanded power (political) outcome.

Impact of Tuberculosis Control Measures and Crowding on the Incidence of Tuberculous Infection ...

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Risk factors for conversion included high prison-population density (relative risk [RR] е 2.4; 95% confidence interval [CI], 1.5–3.8) and The Maryland correctional system. 2.5% tuberculin skin test (TST) .. Rieder HL, Cauthen GM, Comstock GW, Snider DE Jr. Epidemiology of tuberculosis in the Un

Sentence similarity measures for essay coherence - ETS Home

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Sentence similarity measures for essay coherence Derrick Higgins Educational Testing Service Jill Burstein Educational Testing Service Abstract This paper describes

Measures of Children's Knowledge and Regulation of Cognition

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Two studies were conducted to investigate measures of children's metacognition. Experiment 1 presented two Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16801. E-mail: [email protected] 51 . the Junior Metacognitive. Awareness Inventory, or Jr. MAI, developed for use with younger popula-.

bias, precision, and accuracy of four measures of species richness

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JESSICA J. HELLMANN1 AND GARY W. FOWLER. School of . true, unknown, population value of species richness. Accuracy is . Acer platanoides.

Holy Cross Hospital is a Top Performer on Key Quality Measures

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Talal Ghazal, MD, supply medical records with a diagnosis . Sickle Cell crisis patients are aggressively managed with a coordinated hospitalist 

Policies and Measures for Sustainable Management of Solar Panel

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and organizational options available to enhance recovery and recycling rates of PV panels in Italy Both instruments—designed to give greater impetus to the process of decarburizing the energy . At the European level, newly-connected photovoltaic power in Europe was approximately 8 GW.