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Computational Aspects of Dependence Logic

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variable dependence logic is NEXP-complete, whereas for two-variable inde- . 4.2 Kripke structure part corresponding to the 3CNF clause Ci “ xj. 53 . also used in this thesis, was introduced by Hodges [Hod97a, Hod97b]. i. e. they agree with FO on sentences which syntactically are FO-sentences,.

Low-Dimensional Embeddings of Logic

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in a probabilistic way, into a symbolic world model such as a relational quently, unseen facts can be inferred by simple and efficient linear A. Logical Inference. Algebra. B. C. worksFor(B). D. Logic. Embedded Logic. Evidence.

Virtual Logic

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INTRODUCTION vir'tu.al (vur'tu.al), adj. This paper studies the virtuality of ordinary and mathematical logic. Through Davidson for many stimulating conversations in the course of This section continues the dialogue between.

The logic of preferential trade agreements. An empirical analysis of the consequences of a new ...

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The whole dissertation claims a methodological unity. military action. For example, Shaffer (2011) adopts a policy substitution framework which signifies that states may pursue foreign policy goals using (2011) finds that sanctions could be used as an alternative policy tools to military action.

Programming a Programmable Logic Controler (PLC)

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Sensor Actor LD, logic basics make contact (Schliesserkontakt) break contact (Öffnerkontakt) as a programming language. — Difference between a PLC and a Soft-PLC

1 An introduction to domino logic

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of 5 to 10 MHz, the 8086 dissipated 1.5 W. This exceeded the 1 W per chip power limit for plastic Intel's 8088 was chosen by IBM as the microprocessor for its personal computer (PC) [4], a step that common tools developed were circuit and logic simulators, which allowed designers to verify the 

Resetting Setpoints Using Trim & Respond Logic

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ward: simply adjust the pressure setpoint until one. VAV damper is nearly Trim & Respond (T&R) logic has been shown to be more effective3,4 than 


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THE REVIEW OFSYMBOLIC LOGIC Volume 2, Number 2, June 2009 PLURALISM IN LOGIC HARTRY FIELD Philosophy Department, New York University Abstract. A number of people have

Sub-nanosecond signal propagation in anisotropy-engineered nanomagnetic logic chains

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Energy efficient nanomagnetic logic (NML) computing architectures propagate binary . parallel to the propagation direction of the incident X-rays (along . and blue squares, respectively) as a function of nanomagnet length for 150-nm-wide notched nanomagnets calculated from an analytical model.

Enhancing the Selection of Backoff Interval Using Fuzzy Logic over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

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waiting time from contending nodes through overhearing and stores them in a .. the centroid method of defuzzification to retrieve the crisp output.

urban growth modeling using fuzzy logic

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Proponents of this approach contend that for handling uncertainties and complexity in . Perhaps the most popular defuzzification method is the.

Higher-order Linear Logic Programming of Categorial Deduction

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veloped in, for example, Moortgat (1988), van. Benthem (1991) . clausal programming. The first order case, naturally, corresponds to. Prolog.

Low voltage logic circuits exploiting gate level dynamic body biasing in 28nm UTBB FD-SOI

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Low voltage logic circuits exploiting gate level dynamic body biasing in. 28 nm UTBB FD-SOI. Ramiro Taco a, Itamar Levi b, Marco Lanuzza a,*. , Alexander Fish b a Dept. of Computer Science, Modeling, Electronics and System Engineering, University of Calabria, Rende, Italy b Dept. of Electrical 

A Hierarchical Database Model for a Logic Programming Language

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A HIERARCHICAL DATABASE MODEL FOR A LOGIC PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE Tim Finin Jim McGuire MS-CIS-88-22 LINC LAB 108 Department of Computer a.nd Information Science

restricting logic grammars with government-binding theory

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restrictive grammar formalism for logic programming languages is presented that imposes some of the constraints suggested by recent So there are certainly significant practical advantages to formalisms for natural language . In ATN parsers like LUNAR (Woods 1970), constructions produced by