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Indoor/outdoor particulate matter concentrations and microbial load in cultural heritage collections

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located at coastal (Historical Museum of Crete in Heraklion), urban (Criminology Museum of the University of Athens) and mountainous (Neophytos Doukas Library in Zagori) environments and their collections consist mainly of organic materials. Measurements of inhalable particulate mass (PM10, 


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O-cell® is a registered trademark. REPORT ON DRILLED SHAFT. LOAD TESTING (OSTERBERG METHOD). I-215 Airport Connector - Las Vegas, NV - TS-1. Las Vegas, NV (LT - 9289). Prepared for: Anderson Drilling. 2545 S. Bruce Street, Suite H1. Las Vegas, NV 89109. Attention: Mr. John Yusunas.

Estimation of Query-Result Distribution and its Application in Parallel-Join Load Balancing

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Abstract. Many commercial database systems use some form of statistics, typically histograms, to summa- rize the contents of relations and permit efficient estimation of required quantities. While there has been considerable work done on identifying good histograms for the estimation of query-resul

Prediction of fatigue life of high-heat-load components made of oxygen-free copper by comparing ...

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Following a successful study on the prediction of fatigue life of high-heat-load components made of Glidcop, the thermal limitation of oxygen-free copper. (OFC), which is used more commonly than Glidcop, has been studied. In addition to its general mechanical properties, the low-cycle-fatigue (LCF)

An Energy Matching Method for Hydraulic Press Group Based on Operation Load Profile

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To improve the energy efficiency and reduce the energy consumption of hydraulic press, a partitioned control method for grouped hydraulic presses is manufacturing especially in metal forming process for its safety and purposed a new Energy Regenerate System (ERS) which was based on a 

Pulse Load MLCC

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4. AC load. 5. Pulse load. 7. ESD pulses. 7. Automotive pulses. 9. Surge pulses. 10. ANNEX Application Questionnaire. 11. DC,AC and Pulse Load of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors s P.O. Box 547 s Bradford, PA 16701 s USA s 814-362-5536 s Fax 814-362-8883 s www.koaspeer.com. Bolivar Drive 

Dynamic modulation of the perceptual load on microsaccades during a selective spatial attention task

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link between the perceptual load and microsaccades, which in turn would offer a unique window probing the attentional load. The present study aimed to investigate whether microsaccade behaviors could be modulated by the perceptual load while monkeys performed a selective spatial attention task.

Energy Storage System Design for a Power Buffer System to Provide Load Ride-through

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Vilathgamuwa and S. S. Choi are with the School of Electrical and Electronic. Engineering . its competitive price, lead-acid battery has become one widely .. [10] L. E. Unnewehr and S. A. Nasar, Electric vehicle technology.

Load Balancing Microsoft Terminal Services

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Load Balancing Microsoft Terminal Services with all the same windows open and applications running where they had the source IP address will be used for

Suspended sediment load in the tidal zone of an Indonesian river

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were taken with an optical backscatter sensor (OBS). Av- eraged over the 6.5 weeks covered by the river discharge peak during the survey was supposed to be moderate and the yearly averaged distribution of turbidity of an Indonesian embayment hosting. Published by Copernicus Publications on 

Transient Vibration Prediction for Rotors on Ball Bearings Using Load-Dependent Nonlinear ...

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Transient dynamic analysis, Rolling-element bearings,. Bearing life byproduct. The code COBRA-AHS (Computer Optimized Ball and Roller Bearing 

Constant Current Electronic Power Supply Load By Jeff K.

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today's world of electronic gadgets. This is a 13.8 volt power supply and we want to introduce a constant 1 amp load. Using the . we can deduce that for any two resistors in parallel, the total resistance will always be less than the 

Motivation and cognitive load in the flipped classroom

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load in the flipped classroom: definition, rationale and a call for research, Higher Education. Research .. the periodic table. Using Biggs and Collis' (1989) Structure of the Observed Learning. Outcome (SOLO) taxonomy, these require unistructural or multistructural outcomes. 8. L. Abeysekera and P

Electric load forecasting

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A review and categorization of electric load forecasting techniques is presented. A wide range of methodologies and models for forecasting are given in the literature. These techniques are classified here into nine categories: (1) multiple regression, (2) expo- nential smoothing, (3) iterative rewe

Load forecasting of GB Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar using Artificial ...

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and 23 hostels (called bhawans) are also located . training multilayer artificial neural network. It is to serve any useful function, multilayer networks.